3 Cute Ways To Thank Your Bridal Party


We all know eyes will be on you and your partner on your wedding day; however, don't forget about the people who are there to make the day extra special. Yes, we are talking about your bridal party! A couple of hours and a few small gifts will show your loved ones how appreciated they are on your big day! 

To your bridesmaids: If you take a moment to think about all the preparation that goes into being in your wedding, you may become exhausted. However, you should understand what your bridesmaids are feeling because, hello, you are the bride! Everyone loves presents, and we love them even more when they are unexpected. Making sure you take the time to personalize your bridesmaids gifts will be worth it when you see their smiles. 

1) We recommend buying matching shirts for your bridal party to get ready in. There's nothing like feeling important and included as a member of the bridal party. Also, it makes for adorable pictures so make sure your photographer gets a shot of all of you! (Try etsy.com )

2) Recognize that all these beautiful ladies have taken the time to be there for you on one of the most important days of your life. Therefore making sure they are taken care of is a must! A handbag with a special note from you will make sure they are able to keep all their things in one place, as the day can get hectic. (Made by Mlle Bagatelles)

3) Have a champagne toast before the festivities begin, is a must! All your girls coming together to take a moment to relax and drink some bubbly will settle the nerves! If you are feeling extra crafty, setting up a Mimosa bar the morning of your wedding day will make for great photos and a fun atmosphere! 

Our BEST tip, is just to have fun with celebrating your bridal party and your big day! You might be overwhelmed, but these are the people who are like family to you. So it would only be right to make them feel special and included on your big day. For more fun wedding inspiration ideas visit our blog!

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