Strapless Wedding Dresses

Few bridal dress concepts are as enduring as the strapless gown. This iconic look has true staying power, to the point that it's dominated wedding fashion for several decades now. The appeal is clear: strapless bridal gowns are both flattering and versatile. These gowns highlight the decolletage and collarbone area while making brides feel wonderfully feminine. They can work wonders for both casual and formal occasions, with styles ranging from simple to elegant — or, in some cases, downright sensual. This approach works for an A-line wedding dress, a mermaid silhouette, and anything else you can imagine. Strapless wedding dresses are wonderfully romantic and capable of boosting any bride's confidence on the most important day of their life — what's not to love?

About Our Strapless Bridal Gowns

We're fans of the strapless design because it's such an attractive option on so many brides. Drawing attention to the arms, shoulders, and neck, this style can highlight different features depending on how it's customized. Some, for example, appreciate that these gowns can create the illusion of a fuller bust. The versatility of this style allows each and every bride to show off their distinctive personality. Boho chic, princess, contemporary...anything goes. Ultimately, the most beautiful dress is the one that feels true to the one who wears it.

At Moonlight, we provide a vast range of strapless selections that appeal to every type of bride. A few of our favorites include:

  • Style J6859. Made with luxurious Mikado and tulle, this minimalist mermaid wedding dress lets its bold scoop neck do the talking. A great option for a contemporary ceremony, it produces an architectural aesthetic that will not quickly be forgotten.

  • Style H1474. The sweetheart neckline is a favorite among strapless dress fans, who will no doubt fall in love with this alluring option from the Moonlight Couture Collection. Featuring a daring corset bodice with strategically placed floral appliques, this sweetheart wedding dress exemplifies just how sensual a strapless number can be.

  • Style T936. A mermaid silhouette pairs wonderfully with a sweetheart neckline, as evidenced by this modern crepe gown. The skirt's clean lines and minimalist look are offset by the glamour of the bodice's embroidered lace appliques.

  • Style J6856. Simple and sweet, this feminine gown brings a modern twist to the fairytale concept. The straight neckline may not be a bridal standard, but it draws inspiration from the runway to create a high-fashion, yet accessible aesthetic.

If you dream of walking down the aisle in a gorgeous strapless wedding gown, check out the wide range of options in many different silhouettes at Moonlight Bridal. Schedule a visit with one of our authorized retailers or contact us to learn more about our selection.