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2024 Wedding Dress Trends: The Latest in Bridal Fashion

Today’s brides feel empowered to pursue their vision of the ultimate wedding, no matter what form that takes. There has never been a better time to go all-out with memorable wedding day designs.

This emphasis on personality is best seen in the latest bridal fashion trends, which run the gamut from bold to demure. From the quaint appeal of cottagecore to sleek Mikado designs and even bold and bright colors, there really is something for everyone. This variety will continue to make wedding dress shopping exciting throughout 2024.

Yes, anything goes, but there are a few noteworthy trends that deserve attention. To provide a sneak peak at the hottest looks of the next year, we've compiled a guide to all the upcoming 2024 wedding dress trends.

8 Wedding Gown Trends to Look for in 2024

No one look will dominate in 2024. Rather, the overarching theme is “expect the unexpected.” In general, brides will seek out a few central qualities: dynamic dresses that are convenient and comfortable — and that mix and match a variety of unique design elements.

Look to these 2024 bridal trends for inspiration as you search for a gown that's uniquely you.

1. Colorful Wedding Gowns

White remains the dominant bridal gown color, but it is slowly giving way to an ever-increasing array of colors — including several that would have been all but taboo just a few short years ago.

women wearing colorful wedding dresses in blue, black, and ruby.

Colorful dresses are more common than ever, but they’re still unexpected. In 2024, they are taking a bold step forward, with several surprising hues entering the picture:

  Blue. Soft shades of blue took over during 2023 New York Bridal Fashion Week, with many top styles adding pastel tulle and chiffon to romantic ball gown aesthetics. We love Style H1561 from our Moonlight Couture Collection, as it evokes rustic or garden vibes with its blue tulle and multi-colored floral embroidery. Meanwhile, Style T125 delivers a modern Cinderella effect with its stunning light blue Mikado fabric and its flattering A-line silhouette.

  Black. Dark wedding dresses promise to bring extra drama and sophistication to the most fashion-forward bridal looks of 2024. Style H1566B reveals the sultry potential of the black wedding gown, especially when mermaid silhouettes and swag sleeves enter the picture.

  Red. Daring brides are drawing on brighter hues for an extra confidence boost. Style J6917B shows just how striking ruby red can be. This luxurious satin ball gown features a voluminous skirt, pleated sleeves, and a flowing chapel train.

2. Use of 3D Florals

Texture is a big deal in the fashion world, and, while bridal gowns have typically depended on specific materials to achieve this effect, three-dimensional elements can make any dress look and feel more dynamic. Hence, the increased use of embroidered 3D florals, which make already chic dresses pop even more.

Woman shows 3D floral laces laying on the back of her wedding dress.

This is an exquisite addition to the modern gown, as evidenced by Style H1563. This mermaid stunner also receives a hint of shine from sequins and bugle beads.

Style J6918 proves that floral details can be a great fit for sultry styles, as this 1920s-inspired number makes an impression via standout embroidery along the bodice all the way through the drop waist.

3. Scoop Neckline

Though it still remains popular, the romantic sweetheart neckline has had its moment. Another style is beginning to steal the spotlight: the elegant, yet modern scoop neckline. This style offers an exciting update on the strapless concept, although several types of sleeves (including detachable designs) can also be incorporated.

Universally flattering, this style draws attention to the bust while providing a dose of drama. This look was a big deal in 2023 and that's not about to change in the year to come.

Woman walking forward wearing a mermaid wedding dress with scoop neck.

For 2024, the modern scoop neckline is often paired with striking minimalist silhouettes (as in Style T130) or with romantic designs (like Style T128) that also incorporate an abundance of flowing tulle.

4. Clean Designs: Simple and Elegant

Maximalism may be all the rage on the runway, but contemporary brides are still fond of minimalist styles. To that end, many of the hottest bridal looks of 2024 will emphasize simplicity. Yes, embellishments are fun, but there is something appealing about a simpler look that draws attention to the bride's natural beauty.

Woman wearing simple and elegant satin ball gown with hands in the pockets.

Mikado fabric provides an amazing opportunity to achieve clean lines and a structured, highly flattering silhouette. This is certainly the case for Style J6916, which amps up the drama with a deep V-neck and layered organza skirt.

Glamor is the name of the game with the sophisticated Style T131. This wedding dress is crafted from luxe Mikado and includes clean lines, a dramatic open back, and a large statement bow on the back.

For a crossover effect that combines simplicity with subtle ornamentation, Style H1567 is a romantic ball gown that uses lace embellishments and glass beads sparingly, but effectively.

5. Vintage Styles and Details

Vintage-inspired wedding gowns are always worth exploring as every stylistic period has something special to offer. In 2024, many brides will look to yesteryear for inspiration, often by drawing attention to standout elements like Basque waists or Guipure lace. 

A collage photo of three women posing in different lace wedding gowns.

The 2024 version of vintage will offer a hint of nostalgia but should also feel quite refreshing, thanks to the careful incorporation of modern wedding dress styles and features. Many vintage-oriented options draw on the best of Old Hollywood or the 1920s flapper aesthetic.

6. Detachable Features

Today's brides are all about practicality but often, what works wonders for a romantic or sophisticated wedding ceremony is less ideal when cutting up the dance floor. Detachable features bridge the gap by incorporating intricate elements but also allowing brides to remove these details as needed.

Woman standing in a sparkly lace wedding dress, holding onto its detachable train.

The classic train is the ultimate candidate for detachable functionality. This adds drama to the much-anticipated walk down the aisle but bypasses the reception bustle. Style H1525 makes the most of this concept with a detachable train featuring gorgeous lace appliques.

Detachable sleeves are another feature that can be added or removed as desired. With Style J6680, detachable bishop sleeves offer romantic vibes that pair beautifully with the floral A-line wedding dress. 

7. Overskirts

As a central part of the detachable trend, the overskirt can instantly enhance the look of any wedding dress without detracting from its fit or functionality. Often constructed from lightweight materials, overskirts bring ethereal vibes to already romantic wedding gowns. This makes it possible to achieve two distinct aesthetics without changing dresses.

Woman wearing a modern strapless wedding dress with detachable overskirt.

Style J6900 is a sleek gown with an overskirt that makes it possible to achieve the sultry appeal of the mermaid silhouette without sacrificing the visual impact of a dramatic chapel train.

8. Any Sleeve

Sleeveless looks dominated wedding fashion for years, but now, brides are rediscovering the versatility of the sleeve. Many look to detachable sleeves to provide the best of both worlds: the classic appeal of the strapless look and the personality of ornate sleeves.

There are no limits on modern sleeves: anything that captures the right aesthetic and shows off the bride's personality should be fair game. From spaghetti straps to long sleeves, all have a role to play in personalizing bridal gowns. Favorites include:






Woman looking down at the floor, wearing a beaded lace A-line with detachable sleeves.

Many brides donned off-the-shoulder sleeves in 2023, but this look will continue to offer a swept-away effect in 2024. Style H1503 incorporates several top trends: detachable off-the-shoulder sleeves, 3D florals, and vintage vibes to name a few.

Style J6893 stands out not only with its off-the-shoulder puffed sleeves, but also, by going non-traditional with a remarkable, colorful floral print.

In keeping with the detachable trend highlighted above, many of the most eye-catching wedding dress sleeves of 2024 will be easy to add and remove as desired.

Future Trends

Wedding dress trends are constantly changing and, while some classic looks will always be appealing, it's fun to play with new styles. In 2024, brides will find many dynamic ways to showcase their personalities while playing up their vision of the perfect wedding dress.

This is the time to push the envelope and try something daring: unique colors, patterns, sleeves, and veils provide a strong start. Distinct options like jumpsuits, capes, and mini dresses are also certain to make an impression. Look to the runway for inspiration, but remember: the best styles make brides feel beautiful and confident.

Whether you favor classic styles, vintage details, or a contemporary aesthetic for your big day, you will find many dresses you adore within Moonlight's vast bridal collections. Browse our trendiest gowns online or look to our authorized retailers to start trying them on.

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