Winery Wedding In Napa Valley, CA


Are you looking to plan a destination wedding? Do you and your partner love wine? Do you want breathtaking views at your ceremony and reception? If you answered yes to even one of these questions then you should consider a winery as your wedding venue! Some of our favorite winery venues are in Northern California in Napa and Sonoma county . 

One of the many reasons we love weddings at wineries are the many different locations on site that you can choose. Most places that host many weddings have options such as outdoor patio weddings, indoor intimate wine cellers or even a hill top scenery! Even though you are choosing one venue you don't have to stay in the same setting. You can have your ceremony outdoors and then take your reception inside for a more intimate party.  

A new and very popular venue within a winery is the wine celler that creates a very private and intimate setting for this special moment in your life. These wine cave weddings are a new twist on vineyard weddings and will truly give your guests a one-of-a-kind expierence. Wine caves are underground tunnels used for wine storage and the aging of wine. The Knude Family Winery in Sonoma county offers an unmatched expierence with their aging caves that accommodate up to 50 guests. 

Packages are also a great part of having your wedding at a vineyard or winery because a lot of the packages include almost everything you would need to have your dream wedding. Many have on site wedding planners along with catering for their venue specifically. The best part about onsite catering at a vineyard is that their menu is specially designed for their wine specials. This means the pairings between the wine and food will be divine! 

We're sure you are close to choosing a winery for your venue by now but you're probably thinking "what about the perfect winery venue wedding dress?". We have good news: there are more options than you are probably thinking when chossing a wedding gown for your vineyard wedding.You can take your look down different paths such as our style H1288 that gives off a rustic-vintage vibe. Wineries are perfect to incorporate a rustic touch to your wedding day because of the antique atmosphere. On the other hand you can choose a romantic style like H1291 with lace down the bodice and mermaid skirt. The lace that flows down the skirt mimics beautiful grape vines. 

Wineries are becoming more popular each year and continue to be used as breathtaking venues for indoor and outdoor weddings. Before you decide on a venue make sure you check some out whether in California or in your area, they should not be counted out! 

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