5 Reasons Not To Buy Your Wedding Dress Online


Buying online seems so convenient. You can buy clothes, shoes, food, computer; before finding the one we may have even dated online. So why not your bridal gown, right?

Online shopping can be convenient, but it can have an ugly side as well. Like how you have had buyers remorse over that cocktail dress that looked oh so cute online, but shows up looking like it was made for a toddler. What about that healthy salad that looked so fresh in the pictures, but maybe looks like it was made out of scraps from the dumpster. Thank your lucky stars you found the one because dating is no different. I am sure you have meet a guy from latest app or dating website and thought he was so handsome online and he shows up and you are thinking wait...was that picture taken from this century? That is right ladies that is online REMORSE. Why leave such a big decision to chance?

The beauty of a bridal gown is that it takes time. Most bridal gowns take 6-8 months to make as most of the details are all hand made. The beading, lace placement, sewing each layers of breathy tulle it takes TIME. You want to purchase your bridal gown from a place you can trust and don't want to fall victim into a scam. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you need to buy your bridal in an authorized bridal store.

1. Fabric Sure the description says tulle, chiffon, or satin, but what does that mean? There are so many different grades to a type of fabric. If it is the cheap kind Tulle can be itchy reminding you of what you use for mosquito nets, but not so great for a bridal gown. You want to feel how the fabric will be and if it will comfortable or offer you the support that you are looking for.

2. How to measure When you are ordering your gown you will need to take some measurements. Instructions will most likely be vague and at minimum ask for bust, waist, and hip measurements. Where on the bust do you measure? Where are your hips? An expert needs to measure you so that you will know what size you will need or where you fall on the size chart. If you measure yourself you might not be doing it right because your not pulling the measuring tape in the right spot or because you are not measuring in the right place. Also, if you are petite you might need to get a custom measurement to get the right length. That will require additional measurements and without the dress on you won't be able to determine how to measure the length. Accuracy is key to this and why leave something that seems so simple up to chance?

3.Size How do you know what size to order? Bridal gowns typically run 2 sizes smaller than your regular clothes. So, if you wear a size 4 in regular clothes you will most likely be a size 8 in bridal sizing. Be cautious though when we say "typically" there are a lot of factors to determining the size. What is the silhouette of the gown? What is the shape of your body? What is the style of the gown? It isn't as easy as just I wear a size four I will order a size eight. Each designer has their own size chart and measurements and depending on that size chart and your body shape will determine which size to order. Most likely you will be in between sizing for example between a size 10 and 12. Then you will have to decide which size to go with. You will need expert advice. An authorized retailer will be able to assist you and tell you how the dress is sitting if its bunching in the hips you will probably want to go with the 12. All of these factors are complicated and should be taken with caution.

4. Alterations This is the last and most important part of your wedding gown buying process. Alterations is the last part that will make sure your gown fits to your body. This necessary cost is that little nip and tuck that will keep your dress up so you won't have to worry about pulling up your dress all night. A lot of retailers have in house seamstresses or at least recommendations of where to take your bridal gown to get alterations done. You might have found the perfect gown and taken it to a "seamstress" and now your gown is butchered. Bridal gowns have a lot of boning and material that is unlike regular clothes and are more complicated to alter. So don't just let anybody alter your gown.

5. What you see isn't what you get You searched and found the perfect gown your local authorized retailer has your perfect Moonlight gown for $2500, but online it has it for $500. Seems so tempting. Such a good deal. Looks can be more than deceiving. Online bridal gown nightmares are becoming more and more common. They show up looking nothing like the real thing. Common problems are gown arrives in the wrong color, size, and worse looks nothing like the gown you saw pictured online. Most bridal gowns take 6-8 months to make and if you waited to receive your gown and instead of the picture you saw online you see this. Now you have huge disaster on your hands. Is there enough time to order a new gown? Is there a way you can get your money back? What should you do?

Most online companies want payment before you receive your gown. That makes sense like any other online store you've purchased from usually has the same requests, but BEWARE. If you pay by wire transfer, check, or credit card once you pay your once attentive customer service representative might go off the grid. You won't be able to get the dress you ordered or have anyway to get your money back if something goes wrong. You might be stuck with a show stopping gown, but for all the wrong reasons. Save yourself the stress and headache. Shop local to support your community and from a place that has a great reputation. Usually if the deal is too good to be true it usually isn't true. To find out more information about sites that are frauds view them here . Not all sites are listed as new ones pop up everyday! So be careful.

Save yourself the headache and heartache. Start your search for your dream dress here .

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