Halloween Themed Wedding Ideas


When the temperature starts to cool down fall weddings start heating up. Fall brings about seasonal treats like pumpkin, apple cider, and turkey! The autumn colors and holidays make it a perfect time to throw a beautiful wedding.  

Another element of fall to look forward to is Halloween. If Jack and Sally Skellington give you inspirational couple goals and scary movies are your go to on a Netflix then it would only make sense to have a Halloween themed wedding.

As you start to plan your Halloween wedding, there are so many options to how you to make your vision come to life! Whether it’s going to be rustic and elegant or dark and spooky, you’ll find ideas here to help your vision come to life.

Rustic & Elegant Halloween Wedding Ideas

A Halloween wedding doesn’t have to be spooky and scary, it can be chic and beautiful. The gold and bronze tones of the season make it easy to decorate elegantly. Here are some starting points to help get the ideas flowing:  

Color: Let’s start off with colors. Darker color palettes fit the stylish and edgier elements of Halloween and shades of dark orange, brown, burgundy, and forest green are great colors to start the planning process. For a more upscale feel, add glitter, sparkle, and metallic colors for the perfect accent.

Themes: You can plan an elegant forest theme Halloween wedding, where the forest greens and pumpkins are your background. You can take it down to casual with a pumpkin patch themed wedding.

Another idea is to do a masquerade ball theme Halloween wedding. You can have fun with this one by having guests bring their own masquerade masks, or you can provide some for them. Put a spin on the wedding veil, and instead wear a masquerade mask as you walk down the aisle.

Decorations: Pumpkins! The first thing that comes to mind when talking about decorations for Halloween are pumpkins. A simple pumpkin can be transformed into so many creative things:

  • Jack-O-Lanterns can line the walkways and line the aisle you’ll be walking down.

  • You can carve the numbers in each pumpkin and have that as table numbers.

  • Mini pumpkins can be name card holders for your guests.

  • You can paint these pumpkins to match the color scheme.

  • For the masquerade ball theme, you can add glitter or sparkling paint to the pumpkins to bring both ideas together.

Centerpieces: Pumpkins and mini pumpkins can be used as Halloween wedding centerpieces. An idea for unique centerpieces are candle stands with droplet jewels hanging down. Seasonal fall flowers add such an elegant touch to your ceremony and reception and make your wedding unique.

Be sure to speak with your florist to see what type of local seasonal flowers can be incorporated into your bouquet, reception, and centerpieces. We recommend mokara orchids, dahlias, viburnum berries, garden roses, etc.) in colors to match your theme.

Spooky Halloween Themed Wedding

If you decide to go the scary Halloween themed route, there are many fun ideas to explore:

Color: The colors for a spooky Halloween wedding would have different shades of black, grey, white, red and burgundy. If you want to add orange to the mix, make sure it’s darker shades of orange to keep with the spooky theme.

Themes: As far as themes, one idea is to have a haunted house themed wedding. To add to the festivities, you can include on the Save-the-Date cards that costumes are highly suggested for the wedding.

Decorations: Take your wedding to the next level by adding decorations filled with cobwebs, skulls, and tons of candles. Dim lighting will also help set the ambiance and you could even turn on a fog machine while you’re walking down to aisle to create a more dramatic look and feel.

Skeletons can hold signs directing the guests where to go. To get the full feel of a spooky Halloween wedding reception, it is best to have the event at night. Bring out the Jack-O-Lanterns with candles placed inside to make it even spookier.

Centerpieces: To give a more lifeless feel to the centerpieces, use natural branches, without leaves, along with dark color flowers. Wooden flower vases in a coffin shape will add to the eerie feel.

Wedding Dress for Halloween Weddings

For a rustic and elegant Halloween wedding, one possibility is a simple lace dress in white or ivory. The intricate lace will have everyone’s attention focused on you, with all the Halloween themed wedding in the background. Your bouquet, veil and other accessories will bring the whole look together.

For a spooky wedding, opt to wear a dark colored wedding dress to stand out and match with your theme. Even though black wedding dresses aren’t typical, there are still plenty that are beautifully made and designed. If full black wedding dresses isn’t something you envisioned, there are some that have black accents that offer a traditional wedding day look with a twist.

Of course, the dress, like everything else in the wedding, should be chosen completely based on your personal taste and what makes you feel special.

Halloween Inspired Wedding Food

Rustic / Elegant

A rustic and elegant Halloween wedding cake could include simple multi-tiered cake with the matching fall flowers from the bouquet and centerpieces.

Have fun with the drinks you are planning to offer. Talk to the venue’s bartender and see if they have any special Halloween concoctions that would fit for your wedding theme. Bartenders know all the tricks to make a drink fog and smoke. Not only can bartenders make drinks look cool, they can also make drinks that reminds everyone of Halloween (e.g. candy corn flavor, pumpkin flavors, etc.)

Halloween Spooky

Get creative with your spooky Halloween wedding cake. Talk to your wedding cake designer and you two can come up with some creative cake ideas, like a three-tiered, grey fondant cake with a black spider web design on it. Instead of a traditional wedding topper, get a skeleton wedding topper.

Again, talk to your venue’s baker or consult with the person creating your sweet treats to get their input about this.

Cocktails are another way to incorporate fun details into your wedding. What about a signature drink? Make these drinks even more fun by adding decorations like long, plastic spider legs stirs or eyeball garnish. This will give the drinks an eerie feel to it and make it extra enjoyable to drink.

Successfully combining your favorite fall holiday, Halloween, and your wedding will make for a fun, beautiful day! Whether you decided to go with rustic and elegance or spooky Halloween, browse through our wedding dresses to find the perfect match for your big day.

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