Tips on Save the Dates for any wedding!


Everything you need to know about Save the Dates.
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We decided to talk about a subject that often gets over looked but is very important! 

Save the dates are a vital part of the wedding process and should be fun and exciting for you and your partner! Sometimes "Save the Date Etiquette" can be a little confusing. But don't worry we are here to help! 

1. Set a date: This is the most important part of your save the dates! Some may think this step is obvious and unnecessary but we are including it because we want to emphasize how important it is to set your date in stone before sending out save the dates. Not only should your date be set but your venue as well, that way you know where you are having your wedding is available the day you are having it. This will avoid a lot of hassle later if plans don’t work out for your specific date. 

2. Be creative! It used to be that couples would pick a date, and have cards made and sent out with written information. However, with all the technology and photo competition we say have fun with it! Use something you and your partner have in common or a theme that really speaks to your personalities like the country inspired photo below! Whatever you decide to do will be unique, fun and most importantly make your guests excited for your wedding! 

3. Yes, they are necessary! A lot of people think that save the dates are not entirely necessary. In some aspects this is right, however they have so many benefits. The major benefit is that they will increase the amount of people that are able to attend your wedding and the more the merrier! 

4. When to send them? If you are having a wedding near the location where most of your guests live, about 6 months prior is acceptable. However, if you are having a destination wedding we would recommend to send out your save the dates at least 8 months before the date so your guests have time to make travel plans. 

5. Who? Only send save the dates to those people that you are sure you want to be at the wedding. Think of the save the date as an advanced notice invitation. Whoever you send a save the date to will be expecting an invitation in the mail following. If you include the names of who is invited on the envelope this can avoid confusion later in regards to who exactly is invited. 

We challenge you to be as creative as you can and come up with a unique and fun Save the date!

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