Fall in Love With Fall Wedding Ideas

September 24th, 2015 Wedding IDEAS, INSPIRATION AND INSIDER TIPS

As summer comes to an end and Fall has arrived we want to share some of our favorite features about Fall weddings! There is so many things to literally fall in love with at Fall weddings. Whether you are planning a wedding in the fall for yourself or just obsessed with weddings like we are, feel free to leave a comment below letting us know what your favorite part of a Fall wedding is! Here is why we are in love with weddings during this time of the year:

The COLORS: We are obsessed with the endless amount of options you have when it comes a fall wedding! You can go for deep reds, vibrant oranges or even tie in a brighter color like yellow sunflowers! Not to mention the fact that adding glitter to your Fall wedding just makes it that much more FAB. 

Flower Options: When having a Fall wedding you have an endless amount of options for your flower choices. Because you can have so many colors here and there, it makes choosing your flowers that much easier and wonderful. Also, your bouquet can be a combination of colors and types of flowers which next to your bridal gown will just POP in photos. 

Dessert Options: When Fall comes around and Summer fades away we all dream about the hot fresh pies, baked goods and  all the yummy sweets that comes around the holidays. If you choose to have a Fall wedding you can incoprorate these goods into your wedding desserts and still stay in theme. We love the idea of little S'more favors or even creating a S'more's bar! 

Cocktail Hour: Everyone loves a good cocktail hour with lots of variety! The great thing about having a wedding when the weather is starting to cool down is the fact that you can have hot or cold cocktail drinks. You can make ciders, hot chocolate, etc. Or even stick to the classic cold cocktails! It's your choice and your guests will be happy either way. 

Overall, we think Fall weddings are beautiful and if it reflects your style in any way we would definitely recommend for you to start planning your dream Fall wedding! 

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