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Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Gown Trunk Shows 

Wedding planning can be a whirlwind. From finding your dream venue, to designing your perfect bouquet, to choosing a cake flavor for you and your sweetheart - it can be a bit overwhelming at times. But a fun aspect of making your wedding dreams come true is finding your dream wedding dress. If you’re on the hunt for your perfect wedding gown then you might be interested in learning more about the world of bridal trunk shows. 

If a local salon is holding one of these shows, it can help to get a bit more detail on how they usually work before attending. We’ve put together a guide to demystify the entire process and give you some tips before attending! 

What is a Wedding Dress Trunk Show? 

According to Bridal Musings, a trunk show is a “special event in a bridal boutique where they invite a wedding designer to showcase their collection. Sometimes it’s a one day event, but for particularly popular collections, it could be several days.”

What makes a trunk show fantastic is that brides are able to try on a larger number of styles from their favorite designers. Bridal salons typically only carry a handful of styles from each designer, so this type of show allows guests to see entire collections. Even better, if you purchase a wedding dress during the event, there’s a possibility you could receive a promotional discount! 

If you’ve already tried on a few dresses and have a designer you know you like, a trunk show could be a good event to consider during your wedding dress shopping experience

3 Key Benefits of Attending a Wedding Dress Trunk Show 

A trunk show can offer incentives from the designers being showcased that brides typically don’t receive at a normal appointment. Here are just a few of our favorite perks. 

First Looks and Exclusive Styles

When attending a trunk show, you could get an exclusive first look at new styles from new collections. Oftentimes, gowns included in these shows are styles that are not yet in stores, meaning you have a first look and pick of never before seen gowns. And not to mention, it can decrease the odds of wearing the same dress as a fellow bride. 

If you’ve also been hunting down a specific style that was not available in any salon you’ve previously visited, then attending a trunk show is a must for you. Typically in addition to bringing the new collections gowns, designers will also bring top styles that are not included in the bridal shops regular sample inventory. 

You can find dresses in your favorite styles including: 

This is a great opportunity for you to see gowns from your favorite designer(s) in person and to try them on. Usually these gowns are only available for a limited time during the store event, so be prepared to possibly “Say Yes”!

Wedding Dress Custom Changes

We know that when it comes to your wedding dress, having it look good is one thing, but having it match your personality and make you feel amazing is what it’s all about. Maybe you like the neckline on a dress, but the skirt is too full or perhaps you love the train, but want it to be longer. Attending a trunk show allows you to work with the designer and learn how to add custom changes to your wedding gown

You’ll get to see what custom changes are offered and work alongside the designers to make the customizations. You can ask questions directly and figure out what will work best for you and your dress. 

And hey, if you don’t end up finding your gown, at least the designer or retailer will be able to point you in a direction of other styles from the particular designer you love that wouldn't normally be in store that day. 

Exclusive Bridal Store Incentives

Though there isn’t an exact sale when it comes to trunk shows, select bridal stores sometimes offer exclusive discounts if you purchase your gown during the trunk show weekend. If a discount is offered, it’s common to see somewhere around 10% off. Some will even throw in a goodie bag with some fun bridal items that you wouldn’t typically get. 

Select designers may also include special gifts such as a personal sketch of the gown you purchased. A simple perk that you can keep forever. When booking your appointment be sure to ask if there are any special promotions that will be given during the trunk show. Discounts and perks are usually hard to come by when wedding dress shopping, so this could be the ideal time to buy.

What To Bring Along 

While booking your appointment for a trunk show at your local bridal salon, be sure to note all you need for your appointment. Especially in the midst of recent events, learn more on how to shop for your wedding dress during COVID-19. In the meantime, we’ve listed out your “must-haves” that you’ll want to bring to your trunk show appointment. 

Perfect Wedding Day Accessories

You’ll want to feel and look your best when trying on dresses, and the right undergarments can help. Bring nude coloured underwear and your most comfortable strapless bra to ensure that you’re ready to try on a variety of gowns. And if you’re a bride looking for a fitted style, be sure to bring your favorite body shaper! Though you may come into the store with an exact gown in mind, you could leave with something totally different. We have a complete guide on what to wear under your wedding dress here

Bring Your Must Have Guests

Sometimes, less is more. And we couldn’t agree more when it comes to who you should bring to your appointment. The tight group of people you bring should be the ones you can’t say “YES” without. Having less people there means you won’t have to worry about too many opinions.

Also, take advantage of having the wedding dress designers or consultants expertise there to help you choose your dream dress. They may be a better pair of eyes and ears compared to having your entire bridal party there. Plus, they’ll know every detail about the gowns, making it easier to compare those you liked and disliked. 

Your Research

One of the most important pieces of advice we always give brides is to do research. Be in the know of when new collections are launching and always be on top of noting upcoming trunk show dates and locations. We recommend searching through entire collections from multiple designers to have a general idea of what kind of styles and detailing you like. 

Then you’ll want to contact the retailer hosting the event to confirm the gown you are looking for will be in store. Also, if you’re not sure, go in with an open mind. Sometimes the unexpected can surprise you. 

Bring All The Questions

If you’re lucky enough to have the designer(s) there in person, take full advantage and ask as many styling questions as you can. With their expertise and experience, they'll likely be able to help find options that suit your style and personality! 

Next Steps

Now that you know everything you need to know about trunk shows, it’s time to find one to visit. Head over to our website to view our upcoming trunk show dates and find the closest one near you!



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