The Best Wedding Dress That Matches Your Horoscope Sign


The Best Wedding Dress That Matches Your Horoscope Sign 

Searching for the perfect wedding dress has many details to consider- you’ll want the gown to match your personality, style, and include your favorite details. Consider consulting the stars when it comes to picking your gown by looking at the star sign you were born under. Having your zodiac give you insight into your personality and sense of style can give you some direction about the wedding gown you choose. Whether your sign falls under the spring, summer, fall or winter season, the stars will align perfectly to help you find your dream gown. 

We’ve gathered a list of our favorite bridal looks that range from beaded lace wedding dresses to simple minimalist bridal gowns that will specifically fit your zodiac sign. So get ready sisters of the moon, your perfect wedding dress awaits you! 


As the sun begins its journey through the zodiac calendar, the spring season begins around March 20th with signs including Aries, Taurus and Gemini. 


Beginning with the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries are leaders by default- bold, brave and daring, this bride isn’t afraid to do things their own way or wear things in their own way. For such a powerful bride, Style H1466 is the perfect gown for these confident brides to be. With a sweetheart neckline, sexy illusion open back and figure-flattering silhouette, the Aries bride will love how this gown makes a statement everywhere it goes. Especially the dramatic cathedral train decorated with floral lace appliques, this will be the perfect detail for the Aries bride to say yes to the dress to. 


For our Taurus brides, your main focus when finding a gown will be quality. You’ll be looking for a style that has the best embroideries, details, fabrics and construction, all while exuding luxury. Style H1430, a sexy floral lace mermaid gown includes the finest re-embroidered lace appliques with 3D flowers and sequins that are hand sewn into the gown, a quality that the Taurus bride will appreciate. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, this sign will also love the sexy mermaid silhouette and long illusion cathedral train that graces each step you take. 


Expressive and sharp-witted, Gemini signs are also known as the twin sign of having two personalities. Though you may never know how they really are, they can be sociable and spontaneous or serious and attentive. This air sign loves to dissect details and wants a gown worth being talked about. With a bride that loves versatile and detail worthy gowns, Style J6820 is a match made in heaven with its two in one style. This curve hugging gown features an optional detachable train that brides can purchase separately to create more than one look. Gemini brides will love how you can add the optional train for the ceremony for a more formal style and remove it during the party reception for a fun night of dancing. And not to mention the floral embroidered net sequins and details, this gown shines as bright as the celestial stars. 


With an emerging Summer Solstice, the days become longer and the nights remain brighter, making for the most exhilarating season yet with our Cancer, Leo and Virgo brides. 


Cancers are ruled by the moon, which means that they have a strong emotional connection with those around them. This sign is more than likely to choose a gown with a strong emotional connection and reminds them of the feelings of family and happiness. Those born under this sign have natural maternal and nurturing instincts making them more drawn to a traditional or vintage look like Style H1462, a long sleeve lace mermaid wedding dress. This form fitting style is complemented with sheer long sleeves and re-embroidered lace appliques with sequins, creating both a feminine and ethereal look. Cancer brides will especially love the deep V-neckline and details from the soft chantilly lace fabric with sequins and buttons with loops at the wrist that embodies a timeless detail. 


This bride is confident and demands the spotlight so they’ll want a gown that will take their guests’ breaths away. They’ll most likely be treating their walk down the aisle as their own fashion show, making sure that their wedding photographer captures all the right shots of her strutting down the aisle. Ruled by the sun, Leo brides will want a gown that shines bright, something with romantic sparkles, detailing and the most unforgettable skirt flow. Take Style H1393, a dreamy bridal ball gown with a cascade tulle skirt that will make your walk down the aisle look like fashion week itself. Glamorous with Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, pearls and specialty beading decorated along the bodice and a classic sweetheart strapless neckline, this gown will have all eyes glued to the bride, a top priority for the Leo signs. 


Virgo brides are always paying attention to details. This bride will love a style that’s intricate but effortless in its appeal. Charm, sophistication and practicality also serve as elite details this bride is searching for. Virgo signs will love Style T913, a soft A-line silhouette that elongates the frame in a luxurious Mikado fabric with hidden side pockets. The smooth Mikado fabric adds a special shine to this gown without being too complicated, while the side pockets give the Virgo bride a piece of mind with its thoughtfulness in practicality. For intricate details, the square neckline gives cool girl vibes while the classic illusion bateau back features buttons with loops that trail to the end of the sweep train while soft embroidered lace appliques add a wow-worthy back, serving as the perfect details the Virgo bride will love. 


With fall being such an exhilarating season, it only makes for our Autumn horoscope brides to search for the most romantic styles. 


This zodiac sign is all about balance. Libras are fair, and strive for symmetry and equality which could entail that this sign could be looking for a style her future partner will also love. These factors might have a Libra in search of a gown that’s on trend and at the same time a style that is timeless and never goes out of style. Take Style H1394, a floral lace A-line wedding gown with romantic details. Known best for its cascade tulle skirt and fitted bodice decorated with 3D floral lace appliques, the A-line skirt is universally flattering for all brides, making it a perfect pick for every type of bride out there. Libras will also love the balance of the shimmering bodice and romantic cascade tulle skirt combination. 


Ruled by Pluto, Scorpios are all about power and control. They’re fearless in the sense that they’re not afraid to flaunt what they’ve got and reveal it all. This zodiac sign is looking for a style that has a dramatic sex appeal with the most alluring details. Style J6817, a sexy regal crepe mermaid wedding dress is a match made in heaven for a Scorpio. Coming in a figure hugging mermaid silhouette, the regal crepe fabric runs smooth along the figure and sculpts your curves in all the right places. Scorpios will especially love the dainty lace off the shoulder sleeves and dramatic illusion lace chapel train, giving you the perfect balance of sexy and timeless from top to bottom. 


Curious and opened- minded, Sagittarius brides are open to any and every type of style gown. With a fun and flirty type of personality, this bride will need a gown that’s just as lavish as the reception party she plans on throwing. They’ll want a gown just as charming and lovable as they are- a gown like Style J6818, a flirty lace wedding dress with off the shoulder sleeves. Decorated with large floral embroidered net appliques with sequins, this bride will love how it differs from the traditional lace patterns creating one of a kind details that are both sweet and fun. The full A-line silhouette allows for them to twirl and dance as freely as they’d like, making them the life of the party. 


For our winter zodiac brides, independence and individualism are some important personality traits that they pride themselves in. It’s styles like minimalistic wedding dresses or glamorous sparkle tulle gowns that will be the perfect match for them. 


When it comes to picking their gown, Capricorn brides like to cut to the chase. They represent responsibility and are traditionally serious by nature. These brides are independent and typically like to look sharp and put together as they like the finer things in life. A gown with sleek and sophisticated details like Style T921 is a gown that this bride would typically be drawn to. With traditional details like a satin fabric paired with a full A-line silhouette, this gown is sophisticated from every angle. Typically, Capricorns also don’t like to explore new things, so the classic surplice sweetheart neckline and thin straps will serve as the perfect traditional details. 


This is the bride that isn’t afraid to go against tradition and has no issue in standing out. She’s forward in knowing what she wants and likes to think outside of the box. Going against most standard bridal norms, this bride will want a style that’s glamorous, trendy and one of a kind. As a result, she might pick a gown like J6782, a cascade floral sparkle tulle wedding dress. Ruled by Uranus, which highlights liberation and boldness, this bride will love the sparkles from the intricate floral sparkle tulle fabric details and the sexy illusion keyhole back. Unlike traditional bridal skirts, the cascade tulle skirt details will make for a dramatic and unforgettable walk down the aisle, leaving the Aquarius bride on an all time high. 


For our sweet Pisces, finding an ethereal gown that embodies beauty and grace is a must. This bride has a spiritual nature of being kind, empathetic, and selfless, all while never expecting anything in return. With an old romantic style, this bride is attracted to dainty, soft and goddess like details. Style T924, a romantic lace A-line wedding gown is every Pisces dream gown. Crafted from a soft net fabric, this wedding dress features a figure flattering A-line silhouette and soft embroidered lace appliques that resemble whimsical details from a fairy tale story. A Pisces bride will especially love the classic sweetheart neckline and tasteful slit on the front skirt lining, leaving her to look like a dream come true. 


With the stars and moon aligning together, you’re sure to find the perfect gown that matches your horoscope sign. Of course, trust your own instincts when it comes to the gown of your dreams, even if it wasn’t listed above. Ready to find your perfect match? Find your local Moonlight retailer and get ready to say yes to the dress. 

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