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When planning your 2020 wedding, you never thought you’d have to postpone or make last minute changes to your special day. 

During these difficult times, many couples are faced with the hardship of being forced to postpone their wedding as advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to limit their group settings. Because of this, couples are now looking into postponing the big day or finding alternative options. 

Questions you may be asking yourself: “Should we keep the same wedding date?” or “Will all my vendors cancel on me?” are legitimate questions and concerns.

These are just some of the questions many brides are having to face around the world. During this difficult time, postponing your wedding is your best bet. Don’t lose out on your deposits, keep you and your guests safe, and you can minimize your loss and risk. Work with your vendors to choose a new date so you can have the wedding you always dreamed of. If you have a wedding planner or wedding day coordinator, contact them to see how to work with your vendors to find a new date. If you don’t have a wedding planner or wedding day coordinator, where do you start? What does this mean exactly and where do you even begin after months of planning? 

Follow along as we give you the complete guide on how to postpone your wedding day plans. 


First things first, breathe. During this difficult time, you can have ease in knowing that you and your partner will get through this together. Postponing your wedding is not the same as canceling your wedding. You can celebrate with all your loved ones in a safe environment with many couples’ selecting a date September through December . Don’t let the fear or anxiety of having to rearrange plans keep you from having the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Some couples are opting to obtain their marriage license on their original wedding date and holding a ceremony separately if you had your heart set on a certain wedding date. You will be on trend with "it" couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin who did just that before their beautiful "I Do" ceremony.

To give yourself peace of mind, it is sometimes better to have an alternative wedding day plan than to take such a big chance on your special day. Make safety and health a priority. 

Now is the time for action and to get organized.


Discuss what options are available with vendors. Read your agreements and contracts to see if it includes anything related to changing dates, deposits, and etc. It’s okay to let them know the fears and thoughts you have about moving dates. They most likely are on the same page as you. You are likely not the only wedding experiencing some last minute change in plans. If you have a wedding planner reach out to them to see what the plan of action should be. See if they will be reaching out to vendors or what you should be doing. If you don't have a wedding planner, communicate and work with your vendors directly to adjust times, dates and make a game plan for your future big day. We do advise to secure the most valuable vendors first, such as the venue, band, photographer, and officiant. 

When’s the best time to call? NOW! Secure these factors first so you won’t have to worry about them. Once those important calls are done, regroup, and find a common date that can work for all. Chances are, these vendors are going to be understanding and will want to work with you. 

Small businesses too will be more than likely to accommodate you. If you’re not able to get a deposit back, ask if the funds can be applied to a new date. They too are in new territory, and during this time it’s important to stick together. 

And if your wedding is scheduled for the summer, use this time to have a quick chat with your vendors. See if anything has changed or if there is any new information you should be notified about. Confirm if dates are scheduled correctly, or if needed, reschedule and work together to see how things can be adjusted. 

Don't forget to also reach out to the retailer you purchased your gown from. If you purchased your gown from an authorized retailer check out their social media for updates. As events are unfolding quickly a lot of retailers have posted updates on their social media about store hours, how to pick up your gown, and more. So check social media first to see if any updates apply to you. If you are postponing your gown you can reschedule your alterations appointment. Experts suggest scheduling your alterations appointment at least three-four months before your wedding day. Give yourself enough time to reschedule everything so it will be as stress free as possible.

The more communication you have, the better chance you have of tackling any hiccups that may arise. 


Next thing, is to secure a date. And if you’re wondering when the best time to do this is, it’s now!

According to Harper’s Bazzar, many elite wedding planners are “noticing that the majority of couples planning to wed in the next three to four months are choosing dates in September through November when rescheduling”. 

This could mean a lot of things for brides that had their hearts on saying “I do” in the year of 2020. Some may have had an even longer engagement just so their big day can fall into this year. Your dream 2020 will not go to waste.

If your new desired date is not available, learn how to host your wedding on a different day. Maybe a midweek celebration, or look into creating a morning breakfast reception instead of an evening one. A Friday or Sunday wedding may be the new trend this year in the bridal world, and that is absolutely okay. Be sure to check in with immediate family and your wedding party when deciding on a new date. You want to make sure your wedding day "VIP's" will be able to celebrate your big day. If your family is helping to pay for wedding expenses you want to also make sure they are okay with any new date options. Have an open heart during this time, and stay optimistic. 


In light of the recent events, it’s important to know how to inform your guests of your new wedding day. “If you’re in this window, now to the middle of May, you are going to need to postpone” says Aleah Valley, a Seattle based wedding planner. There are multiple ways you can do this. 

Send out handwritten cards with new updates or the changed date. With so much free time now indoors, this is the perfect time to do it. This allows you to be more personal and express gratitude and optimism to your guests. Or go the alternative route and make a phone call to your guests and send a follow up email. It’d be nice for them to receive some positive news during these difficult times. It will make them even happier that you reached out to them, giving them something to look forward to. 

Or maybe you have a wedding website you want to update. Post a video on the page, greeting your guests and just having a conversation about what to expect. Social media can play a big role in this - post updates or go on Instagram live. It’s a fun and personable way to keep them informed.

At the end of the day, it’s important to stay positive and informed of the latest events. There is no right or wrong time to have a wedding. It’s a day of celebration of love and happiness. Your love will always be there, no matter where or when your big day is. And during these uncertain times, we should support each other and our industry and together, we will overcome this hardship, and get the chance to celebrate soon.



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