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Advice For the Groom on Wedding Day Attire Etiquette

On your wedding day all your guests will be looking at you and your bride. As the groom how do you look your best without overshadowing her spectacular wedding dress? Suit verses tuxedo? Colors options? Bow tie or neck tie? The options seem overwhelming. Keep reading as we answer these questions and more to help you and your bride pick out the best wedding day attire for you!

Suit V. Tuxedo: What is the Difference?

Suit verses tuxedo, this may be the most important question when it comes to deciding on what fits you best. The formality of your wedding has a strong influence on the type of attire you wear. If you are having a casual, afternoon ceremony or a destination wedding, a suit would be more fitting. If your wedding is an extravagant, black tie ceremony or a grand vineyard wedding, a tuxedo may be more fitting.


The suit consists of a standard jacket, matching slacks, long tie, with an optional vest. Depending on your budget, renting or buying comes into play. Generally, renting a suit will be less expensive than purchasing one. However, some grooms like to purchase one because it can be worn multiple times after the wedding day. Like we said above, a suit is fitting for a slightly less formal or informal wedding ceremonies. Make sure your attire complements your bride’s wedding dress. Whether she is wearing a spectacular sparkling ball gown or a boho chic A-line wedding dress, the style, color and fit of your attire should tell the same story. Most grooms opt for navy, dark gray, black or charcoal suits as these colors will never go out of style. Suits can be customizable and fitted to your body type and liking. Suits are more accessorize-able and more comfortable compared to tuxedos.


Tuxedos have satin features including satin buttons, lapels, and stripe down the side of the pants. Tuxes are usually worn with a bowtie and cummerbund or a vest and jacket that has a tail. Buying a tuxedo would make more sense because you want the tux to fit just right and it will be a little less expensive compared to renting a tux. Tuxedos are worn for more formal weddings. Again, make sure the attire complements the bride’s wedding dress. The tuxedo is the most popular choice for black tie affairs, usually comes in black only and is available in many different styles.

Whichever you and your bride decide on, just make sure the attire fits your body type and measurements.

Coordinate with your partner

One of the most important thing is to coordinate with your bride. Take her dress into consideration when deciding between a suit and a tuxedo. Without giving away too many details have her tell you what type of gown she is wearing or what the overall feel of your wedding is so you can better compliment her gown. If she is wearing a romantic boho chic A-line wedding dress, you may want to go with a light gray suit and tie. She says she is wearing a stunning all lace mermaid wedding dress, you may want to with a navy suit and tie. If she wears a grand sparkling ball gown, you may want to wear a black tuxedo with a bowtie and cummerbund. Whatever you and your bride choose, you want to complement each other. Work together and show off your style as a couple! 

What is the Right Fit for Your Suit Based On Your Body Type?

Making sure your suit fits you correctly is very important. You will be taking a lot of pictures so make sure it fits and you feel comfortable and confident is very important.

Tall and Thin/Slim

Most suits and tux will look great on you. Make sure the trouser legs and jacket arms are long enough. If you want the illusion of a broader look, pick double-breasted suits. Any color would look good with your build so you have a free range in this category.

Tall and Husky/Muscular

Go with a suit with a smooth and clean look without frills. Avoid double-breasted jackets and opt for a vest instead of cummerbunds as that will draw attention to your waist. If you want the illusion of a slimmer look, go with a fitted suit with a nip at the waist. Also, darker colors will compliment your physique.

Short and Slim

Pick a 2- or 3-button jacket with low-button stance as this will elongate your body. And who wouldn’t want to look taller. With that said, avoid looking like you are swimming in your suit! Make sure the suit you are going with is fitted. You are not restricted in terms of colors so pick one that matches the formality of your bride’s dress and the overall wedding.

Short and Broad

Go with a single-breasted jacket. A 2- or 1-button jacket with low-button stance and shawl color for a slim and elongated look. Avoid cummerbunds and go with a vest instead. Darker colors would look best for your build.

Whichever build your body is, just make sure that you are comfortable and feel great in your suit. You will be in this suit for hours so the fit, comfort level and how you feel in it will make a huge difference. Make sure you have easy movement in the jacket. The jacket sleeves should grace your wrist bone and ¼ – ½ inches of the shirt cuff should be showing. The bottom hem of the jacket should cover your butt and the vent should not pull open. The collar of your button-up dress shirt should lay flat on the back and sides without any gaps or bulges. The suit pants should fit comfortably while standing and sitting. Also, the pant legs should break across the top of your shoes so that they cover the top 1/3 of your shoes. Remember, you will be in your suit all day so you want to be as comfortable as possible.

How to Coordinate with your Attendants

Your groomsmen suits should be similar or the same as yours. Most grooms choose to have their groomsmen’s suits similar to theirs because they want to stand out. The style and feel of their suits should match yours, even if you decide to go with a tuxedo for yourself and suits for the groomsmen. Your groomsmen should complement you. You also want to coordinate with the bridesmaids. The look and feel of both the groomsmen and bridesmaids should match and complement each other as well as you and the bride since they will be in a lot of the photos that day.

Have Some Fun with Accessories

With everything said and done, the most important thing is to have fun with the accessories. The bride can have fun with her wedding accessories, so why can’t you? Let your personality shine with your attire and play with colors and patterns that will complement your bride and the color scheme of the wedding. As the groom, you can wear a special boutonniere, vest, bow tie or neck tie. You can also play with the cummerbunds. Some grooms have special cuff links made for this special day, something that they love to show their personality.

So there you have it! Everything you need to know to make your suit shopping experience that much easier! Whether you are included in your bride’s shopping experience or not, make sure she has the wedding dress shopping before she heads to one of our retailers for her dress shopping.

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