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Here at Moonlight Bridal, we get the chance to work with many fabulous bridal boutiques. We love getting the chance to speak with these boutiques to learn more about their business, how they started, how they run and what trends they are seeing in the bridal industry.

In lieu of our upcoming trunk show at RK Bridal, we spoke with Madison Kimmel, manager, to learn more about the boutique and their commitment to excellent customer service. Come see the staff at RK Bridal in person at our Moonlight Bridal trunk show November 18-27!

Q. How did you get your start as a business? What is the backstory for the boutique?

RK Bridal is family owned business and has been in the Bridal industry since 1985. Prior to our transition to Bridal, RK Boutique had two, 450 SQ FT stores in Manhattan that specialized in sportswear and evening wear. We converted one of the stores to Bridal and realized that we had to make a big decision and evolve with the needs of the market. From that point on, we have moved several times as our business has flourished. In late January 2015, we moved to our new 32,000+sq ft home on 54th Street.

We have always been dedicated to providing our customers’ access to top designers in the industry coupled with the service they deserve. Now that we are almost triple the size of our previous location, we can now offer customers a greater shopping experience with more fitting rooms, better display areas, and a more spacious selling floor. It has been very exciting for us to see our customer’s eyes light up and hear their reactions as the elevator doors open to our new store.

Q. Can you walk us through a step-by-step process of the typical wedding dress shopping experience at your store?

Shopping at our store is truly a unique and exciting shopping experience. We are a walk-in store and do not take appointments. Brides are required to sign-in to work with a consultant before specific times during the week/weekend. Our store is an open showroom, so the bride and her family are able to view the 2,000+ wedding gowns as soon as they arrive! Once the bride is connected with their consultant, they will review any pictures and style numbers of gowns the bride is interested in. Then the fun begins!

Our store is equipped with flat screen TV monitors which allow the bride to view themselves in the gowns from the front and back! Our brides appreciate the level of service we provide as well as the vast inventory and designer options available at our store.

Q. Is there any key “wedding dress shopping secret” that’s often overlooked by brides? If so, what? What advice would you offer someone who’s considering looking at a dress in your shop?

We always recommend that Brides do a little research and some “soul searching” before they begin to shop for their perfect gown.

The first thing we would recommend any Bride to do before embarking on the search for their wedding dress; is to stop and embrace the moment! You are getting married! This is such a special time in your life!

Be sure to minimize your entourage and only bring along guests who are supportive of your decisions and whose opinions are of great value to you. Let everyone else be surprised the day of your wedding!

Trust and communicate with your consultant! They are experts at knowing which styles will look best with your shape, all while keeping in-line with the vision and budget you have set forth for your wedding day. Nothing makes your consultant happier than seeing their Bride comfortable and feeling beautiful in “the” dress.

Q. What’s your favorite part of being a wedding dress boutique?

Over the years we have encountered thousands of customers with the most beautiful love stories and have met many families who have overcome tremendous challenges to get where they are today. All of their stories remain in our hearts and continue to inspire us day after day.

Q. What sets RK Bridal apart from the other wedding dress boutiques?

Being brought up in the retail industry, both Reed and Candy were taught from a young age the value and necessity of excellent customer service. Adaptability, understanding the needs of your customers, along with careful buying are the most important aspects to running a strong business. When a customer shops with us, they truly become part of the RK Bridal family; many of them continuing to stay in touch with us long after they have walked down the aisle.

We love the fact that we can offer our Brides a one-stop shop by also dressing the mother’s of the occasion, the bridesmaids, and provide all of the bridal accessories for her special day. We are continuously changing our strategies to align ourselves with the ever-changing business environment and still love every moment of it!

Q. What can visitors expect at a trunk show? Will there be any special trunk show promotions?

A trunk show event is a great way for Brides to view the newest collection by a particular designer and receive a 10% discount on their trunk show order!

We are excited about the upcoming trunk show at RK Bridal, and are happy we get to work with wonderful boutiques like theirs. Visit the staff at RK Bridal November 18-27. They are located at 619 W 54th St, 5th floor, New York, NY 10019.
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