10 Great Gifts Your Bridesmaids Will Love For $100 Or Less


Moonlight is here to share with you expert advice on the etiquette of bridesmaids gift giving. These girls have been helping you since the moment you got engaged and now many months later all of your wedding details are finally settling into place. Your gift to them will be a token of appreciation and a way to thank them for being by your side during all these months before your wedding as well as during the process of wedding planning. Before you begin to search for the perfect gift you will want to keep a few things in mind. 

You will want to begin by noting how much has been asked for from your bridesmaids such as her bridesmaids gown, a plane ticket, new shoes and your bridal shower and wedding gifts. You are definitely not expected to gift them with an item worth the same value, but take the time to purchase something that truly expresses to your bridesmaids that you absolutely have acknowledged all of the time, money and effort they have put into your wedding. Do not worry about the value of the gift itself; it is more important to focus on finding a thoughtful gift that comes straight from the heart. Because your maid of honor has a very special place in your heart and has taken the time to plan your bridal and bachelorette party, it is tradition to spend more on her gift. To save money you can spend less on gifts for your flower girl and Jr. bridesmaids who are typically between the ages of 9 to 14.

As we said before, the value is not as important as the meaning behind your gift. With that in mind we have chosen our 10 favorite gift ideas for your bridesmaids all for $100 OR LESS. Let's get shopping!

1. Infinity Ring $55
This is the perfect gift to symbolize to your bridesmaids that the bond you have with them with has no end. It is cute and can be worn everyday and we love this idea and suggest purchasing an Erica Weiner infinity ring. 

2. Instax Camera $100
Gift your bridesmaids with a Fujifilm X UO Custom Colored Mini 8 Instax Camera to capture all the memorable moments on your wedding day. This is also great for capturing unforgettable memories even on the days leading up to your special day, but do not forget the film

3. Custom Watch $44
Personalize a watch with your favorite picture of you and your bridesmaids, so they always think of you and they can check the time. We prefer using may28th when designing any custom watches. They have patterns to fit all of your bridesmaids and even have the option to upload your own picture. 

4. Garance Doré Leather Pouch $75/$95
These pouches are perfect for your bridesmaids to use on your wedding day and for their own personal use even after your wedding day. They are the perfect size to put makeup, gum, or a cell phone charger and can be placed into a larger tote later. The pouches are unique as they are embellished with golden monograms from artist Garance Doré and come in a slim pencil leather pouch for $75 or a slim leather pouch for $95. 

5. Dabney Lee Mint Cell Case $50
Your bridesmaids are sure to love this cute mint cell phone case available for both Apple and Samsung products. 

6. Gold Foil Daily Planner $32
Your bridesmaids will not only have to save the date for your special day, but they will have to note down your bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner and the list goes on. Providing your bridesmaids with a Julia Kostreva gold foil daily planner will allow them to accordingly plan with ease for these special dates and beyond. 

7. Mobile Charger $30
Nothing is worse than you standing in your beautiful wedding gown at your gorgeous location and your bridesmaids' cell phone dies, left without anything to capture this moment. Avoid this wedding nightmare by gifting your bridesmaids with a "Back Me Up!" mobile charger available in various colorful prints. 

8. Initial Pendant Necklace $58
If you are looking for something unique to each of your bridesmaids we have the perfect gift. We absolutely adore the Kate Spade "One in a Million" initial pendant necklace personalized with every brides initial and finished with a touching note when flipped. 

9. Beauty Box $38
Pamper your bridesmaids with a Loli beauty box  full of essential organic beauty products in order to shine with you on your special day. These organic products are good for your skin and will have their skin glowing and who doesn't want that?

10. Macaroon Variety Pack $30
Treat your bridesmaids to something sweet with a Dana's Bakery macaroon variety pack full of 12 different colorful macaroons. They are as delicious as they are beautiful. The variety of flavors are fun and sweet treat that are to sure to please any sweet tooth.

You took the time to carefully select your bridesmaids, so now dedicate that same amount of time into purchasing a special gift for each of your extraordinary bridesmaids. Your gift to them does not have to be anything expensive, but make sure they will feel appreciated and honored to be your bridesmaids the moment they open that box. We wish you the best of luck as you continue to finalize your wedding details and know you will select the perfect gift for each of your bridesmaids. For more wedding day inspiration and tips be sure to read our blog! To view beautiful bridal gowns visit our collections.

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