New Years Wedding Ideas


New Year's Eve is a day of celebration that many people look forward to and plan to spend with family and friend so why not having a wedding on the same day? New Year's Eve weddings are becoming more popular every year and are so much fun to plan! Remember all those New Year's Eve parties you attended and how fun they were? Now, think of your wedding day being like that but a million times better. It sounds impossible but with a few ideas and some planning you can have a New Year's wedding of your dreams. 

There are only a few things you need to get this New Year's wedding planning on track and on it's way to a fabulous day! One of the easiest ways to make your wedding feel like a New Year's Eve theme is to add glitter, glitter and more glitter! When people think of New Year's they think of sparkly dresses and champagne which are two must haves for your New Year's wedding affair. You can think as large and sparkly as you wish because during New Year's anything goes! Why only have a champagne toast when you can have a champagne fountain (pictured below)? Remember there's no such thing as over the top for New Years! 

From cakes, to table settings, to sparkling champagne bottles it is the details that are the most important and the smallest ideas can make a huge difference in appearance. For example this unique New Year's place setting below is one of our favorites with a sparkle masquerade mask for some extra fun for your guests! Another great detail is adding a charger plate to your table setting can add an extra hint of glam and have your guests in awe.  

One of the best things about a New Year's Eve wedding is you can have your ceremony early in the day (get all your nervous feelings out) and then have the rest of the evening and night to celebrate bringing in the New Year with your partner as a married couple. Imagine being surrounded by your friends, family and partner at midnight with a champagne fountain, sounds like a dream right?

You can't forget to top off the night with a BANG. Sparklers at your wedding will really wow your guests! You can have a sparkler bar for people to grab and use as they wish or you can designate a time for your guests to use them. A great photo opportunity is to have a sparkler send off at the end of your reception and have your guests create a path of sparklers for your grand exit. (Your photographer will get great pictures). 

With these few pointers a couple ready to have a good time, you can't go wrong! Trust us, your guests will love the idea that they will already have plans to bring in the New Year that includes friends, family, food and a great celebration of love as you celebrate the New Year! 

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