Let Them Eat Cake! Wedding Cake Tips


When people think of a wedding, one of the first things to pop in their head is most likely: CAKE. This is because cake isn't just dessert, it counts as decor and one of the main focal points of your wedding. With that being said, your cake should not be a stressful decision. It should be fun and of course delicious! 

Here are helpful steps on where to begin: 

1. Decide on a bakery: Choose one of your favorite places and if you don't have one, don't be afraid to ask around! If you have a wedding planner be sure to ask them, because most likely they have worked with many different bakeries and can refer the most reliable and tasty ones! 

2. Choose a flavor: This is one of the most fun parts of choosing your wedding cake! The best way to do this is set up a taste testing with you AND your partner. This part is important because you want to decide on a flavor together, so you will both enjoy the cake. A popular idea is to do alternating flavors for each tier so you can have variety. (Also helps if you can't choose between two flavors :) ) 

3. Size: Many people look past this step because they forget about all the many shapes and sizes you can order. Its important to think about how many people will eat cake, how large the pieces are that you will be serving, and if you want to save the top layer for your one year anniversary! (Put the smallest tier aside, freeze, and eat on your anniversary! YUM!) 

4. Decor: This is one of the best parts and you should definately have fun with it! You can choose many routes for decor, simple, creative, unique or extravagant! Keep in mind that you do not have to have a white cake. Many people are choosing to have color incorporated or even personal touches like unique cake toppers. Some of our favorite cakes come from Carlo's Bakery from Cake Boss on TLC. 

5. ENJOY! Everyone knows your wedding day can be hectic, but make sure you take the time to sit down, relax and literally have a piece of cake with your partner!

P.S. It's always great to have the classic "cake cutting" photos so make sure your photographer captures this priceless moment. 

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Ian Johanson
11/20/2015 08:0
I think the most important thing to look into when getting a cake is making sure that you get what you want. Decorate it how you want, taste it, and don't be afraid of going out of the box. My sister had a chocolate chip and brownie cake. When I say this, I mean that each tier was one giant cookie or brownie. It was one of my favorite cakes.

Marie Watson
05/09/2016 17:1
Thanks for mentioning that it is a good idea to choose your favorite bakery to make your wedding cake. I am glad that you mention friends, family members, or a wedding planner can be a great resource to help you find a cake shop if you don't have one in mind. I would think that it could also be a good idea to test a few different places out by looking at their work and tasting some cakes before making a final decision. http://www.coricapastries.com.au/our-work
Luke Yancey
07/13/2016 06:1
You are right- you should always think about how many people are coming to your wedding so you can make a cake that is the right size. I have heard a few stories of weddings that didn't have enough cake. A lot of the guests' children went crazy and started crying! Do not spoil your day! Be smart and check how many people RVSP'd before deciding on the size of your cake.
Marie Watson
09/20/2016 14:1
Thanks for sharing some tips for choosing a wedding cake. It makes sense that your first step would be to choose a bakery. I don't have a favorite, so I will have to take your advice and ask around. Hopefully, I can find a good place to make me a delicious wedding cake. http://www.gunnsbakery.com/
09/22/2016 20:1
I think they were going for a vintage look with that cake, but it just looks odd and dirty.
11/16/2016 09:0
I really don't know how I am going to choose my wedding cake. There are so many flavors I love. I think it would be really fun to make every tier different from the rest. As far as the decorating, I know that I want it to look like a sand castle, I just can't figure out the specific details. http://www.justcrumbsllc.com/cakes
Levi Armstrong
06/22/2021 15:0
I love that you said that the best way to pick the best wedding cake flavor for your wedding is by setting up and taste testing appointment with the baker you chose. My sister is getting married soon, and I'm helping her with her wedding stuff as the maid of honor. I'll share your tips with her to ensure she gets the best wedding cake from a reputable baker in the city. Thank you for this! https://lepetitgateaubakery.com/wedding-cakes

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