If your guests have taken the time, energy, and resources to make it to your destination wedding, why wait until the celebration is over to thank them? Thank them right away to get them even more excited about coming to celebrate you and your partner! 

Start thanking your guests right when they arrive at your destination. Putting together welcome bags is a simple yet thoughtful way to let your guests know that you appreciate them coming to your wedding. To get you started, here are a few quick tips so you can begin blowing your wedding guests away.

1. Use a Bag

Using a bag to put your guest's goodies in is a great idea because your guests will be able to utilize this gift long after your wedding date has passed. In addition, small totes or canvas bags are extremely easy to transport if you are traveling far for your wedding. We love the idea of a custom tote from Etsy!

2. Handwritten Card

Include a handwritten card if you really want to blow your guests away. Let them know how thankful and appreciative you are of them taking the time to attend your wedding. 

3. Schedule

Often times, wedding weekends can be hectic and chaotic, so let your guests know what to expect. Include a simple itinerary in their gift bag that lets them know when they are expected to be at certain dinners or events and what attire is recommended. You can also include other events taking place at your hotel or nearby venues that they might enjoy going to in their free time.

4. Map

You should also include a map in your thank you bag for your adventurous guests. This map can also be helpful when telling your guests where the wedding events are taking place.

5. Sweet Treats

After a long drive or flight, everybody needs a little pick-me-up! Include small snacks, candies, or drinks that your guests can dive into when they arrive to their final destination. Include a bottle of wine or a mini bottle of booze to get the party started earlier!

6. Pamper Products

Never be afraid to pamper your guests! Whether it's an eye mask, body cream, or candle, your guests will notice that you went the extra mile to make their stay more enjoyable. Check out the mini candles from Bath and Body Works, they are perfect size and smell amazing!

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