Wedding favors are so important for many different reasons! They will be one of your guest's favorite parts from the day, not to mention it is the only piece of your wedding they get to take home! There are so many routes to take when it comes to wedding favors! 

While many people choose to get wedding favors made, we think it's really fun to make it a DIY project. Also, if you make it yourself it can be something unique to match the personalities of you and your partner. Another one of our favorite aspects of DIY favors is that it also can help cut down costs!

You can make favors that coincide with your wedding decor. For example Vintage DIY favors, for example Tea Cup Candle favors from Wedding Bee fit perfect with an old school vintage wedding.

If you want to make them a little more personal, take the time to think of something special about you and your partner. For example if you both love hot sauce, why not make hot sauce favors? Of course they will be customized with an adorable label like the ones from Something Turquoise

There might not be anything specific to you and your partner's tastes, which is fine! There's nothing wrong with sticking to the theme like a Country wedding. One of our favorite Country wedding favors: Cowgirl Cookies is a mason Jar with ingredients from Bakerella. These are almost like a two in one favor because your guests can use the ingredients to make the cookies and then keep the  mason jar for whatever they choose afterwards. 

We can't forget about the tropical favorite theme. A beach wedding! One of our favorite beach wedding favors are the chocolate seashells in a bag full of light brown sugar that looks just like sand! Making 100+ bags of these would be easy and cost efficient! Learn how to make them at A Bride on a Budget. 

Remember: Wedding favors can be pretty much anything that you desire and are definitely a must-have so you can thank your guests for sharing your big day! Also, research ideas to see what's out there and then stick with one! You don't want to be starting ten different projects and never finish one. Overall, have fun with it:) 

A bonus tip: Use DIY confetti poppers for a extra special and grand exit. Your guests will appreciate the thought and have fun with showering you and your partner with one last goodbye. (Think outside the box and maybe use something other than tiny pieces of paper: you can use rose petals, or paper shapes like birds)

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