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Close your eyes...and think..have you ever been to a wedding without flowers? The answer is most likely NO! Flowers play a huge role on your wedding day. They are literally everywhere. You can find flowers in centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, bouquets and almost all wedding decor. This might sound expensive, and that's because sometimes it can be. We are here to give you some tips and tricks on how to save on your wedding flowers. Budgeted weddings are the best weddings! 

1. Seasonal: This is one of the best tips when it comes to choosing flowers for your wedding. Most likely if you choose flowers in season your cost will drastically go down. At the same time you have to think about if your wedding is around a holiday. For example on Valentine's Day, red roses are about three times the price so plan ahead! 

2. Reuse: If you have two locations for your ceremony and reception you can move the floral arrangements to continue getting use out of them. Plan to make your arrangements portable so you can decorate outside to inside or vise-versa. These bridal bouquets (pictured left) doubled as gorgeous floral arrangements in vases for cocktail hour

3. Using Fillers: Flowers are gorgeous and we all love to see them at weddings. However, try something unique using your theme to add an extra flare to your arrangements. We are in love with this beach theme bouquet (pictured right) that incorporated seashells and other non-floral elements. (Also if your bouquet isn't made out of fresh flowers then you can save it) 

4. Budget: Flowers are one thing that you can't have enough of, so make sure you create a budget before you start shopping! Remembering that you have many other aspects to budget for, only spend what is necessary on flowers. 

GOODLUCK, and may the FLOWERS be with you :) 

'Everything Floral' Image #1
'Everything Floral' Image #1


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