Wedding Registry Checklist

September 29th, 2015 Wedding IDEAS, INSPIRATION AND INSIDER TIPS

Your wedding is getting closer and you're looking for something fun for you and your partner to do together. Well, you've guessed it, we suggest that you take some time to create the perfect wedding registry that you and your partner will both look forward to receiving gifts from! Some may look at this task as tedious and a lot of work however, we think every couple should have fun with it because who doesn't love presents?

Tip #1:  Be honest in your registry! 
You want to make sure each gift you are putting on your registry is one that you would actually use. Don't feel pressured to add things onto your registry that couples are "supposed to have". Everyone is different and you definitely want your guests to be buying gifts that wont be used as a dust collector. 

Tip #2: Choose different price points! 
When deciding on gifts make sure you have an array of different priced items that any guest could choose from. It's important that your guests have options so they do not feel forced into buying something pricey. 

Tip #3: Inventory the items you own! 
You and your partner may or may not be living together already. Make sure you both make lists of what you already have so you do not ask for duplicates of items. Even if you do have some items, decide together if you want upgraded ones or stick with what you have! You can always take advantage of this time to upgrade your dishware, glasses, etc. 

Tip #4: Choose where you register, carefully!
Make sure where you register is somewhere you and your partner both like as well as a place that carries a variety of items that match your taste. Also, as you know, some stores are much pricier than others so choose a place that is a happy medium between your taste and having items that are affordable for your guests. Don't be afraid to register at more than one store! 

Here are some of our favorites that offer different price points and options. As an Amazon and Zola affiliate we receive commission from qualified purchases:

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Lastly, a lot of gift giving happens from the moment you get engaged until your honeymoon! Give your guests and family a lot of time to choose a gift or even to send one early if they choose. Happy Registering to you and your partner! 

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