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Helpful Tips for Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry 

Your big day is getting closer, and you're looking for something fun for you and your partner to do together. Well, you've guessed it – we suggest you take some time to start creating the perfect wedding registry.

A good registry is one that you and your partner will both look forward to receiving gifts from. Some may look at this part of the wedding planning process as tedious, but we believe it’s an exciting time for you and your partner to start building your life and home together.

6 Wedding Registry Tips

Getting married means merging lives, dreams, and households. A wedding registry is a wonderful tool that helps your guests contribute to your new beginning in a meaningful way. 

Here are a few tips on creating a registry that suits both you and your significant other.

Tip #1: Be honest in your registry 

You want to make sure each gift you are putting on your wedding registry is one that you would actually use. Don't feel pressured to add things to your registry that couples are “supposed to have.” Everyone has their own preferences, so try to guide your guests toward gifts that will be frequently used and loved, not relegated to gathering dust. 

Tip #2: Choose different price points

When deciding on gifts to add, make sure you have a variety of different priced items so there are options for everyone on your guest list. You do not want guests to feel forced into buying expensive items. 

Here are some places to build a registry that offer different price points and options. As an Amazon and Zola affiliate, we do receive a commission from qualified purchases:

Don’t forget to add the link to your registry on your invitations as well as on your wedding website!

Tip #3: Add gift cards

Don't overlook the versatility of gift cards. They are a great addition to any wedding registry for several reasons. They offer a flexible option for guests who may be unsure about what to purchase and they allow you and your partner the freedom to select items post-wedding that you may have forgotten or didn't realize you needed. 

Add gift cards to your favorite places so your guests know which ones to buy and which you will actually use.

Tip #4: Inventory the items you own

You and your partner may or may not be living together already. Go through all of the items you already have so you do not ask for duplicates of items. 

Even if you already have some items, decide together if you want to upgrade or stick with what you have! You can always take advantage of this time to upgrade your dishware, glasses, etc. 

Tip #5: Choose where you register carefully

Register at places you and your partner both like and make sure these places carry a variety of items that match your taste. 

As you know, some stores are much pricier than others, so choose a place that is a happy medium between your taste and having items that are affordable for your guests. Certainly don't be afraid to register at more than one store!

Tip #6 Register early

The earlier you start building your registry once you get engaged, the better. A lot of gift-giving happens from the moment you get engaged until your honeymoon! Give your loved ones a lot of time to choose the gift they want to give by starting your registry right away. 

You can continue to add more items as you go, but giving your family members and friends options to choose from if they want to send a gift right away is helpful. 

Wedding Registry Ideas & Printable Checklist

We put together wedding registry ideas and a checklist with common items couples register for. Along with the essential items you need, be sure to also add fun gift ideas that both you and your significant other will love! 

  • Cookware and Bakeware - Begin your married life with a well-stocked kitchen. High-quality cookware sets, including a versatile Dutch oven, durable baking sheets, and a sturdy cake pan, are a must. Don't forget a griddle for those Sunday pancakes and a slow cooker for easy weeknight meals.

  • Dinnerware and Serveware - Choose dishes and plates that reflect your personal style. Serving bowls, platters, cheese boards, and casserole dishes are great to have for family dinners and parties. For a touch of elegance, add a selection of serveware to your registry list.

  • Glassware and Barware - To celebrate special moments, champagne flutes and a variety of wine glasses, including specific ones for red and white wine, are great to add. A decanter will enhance the flavor of your wines, while highball glasses are ideal for mixed drinks. Don't forget a cocktail shaker and an ice bucket to complete your bar.

  • Flatware and Linens - Flatware is more than just utensils; it's a part of the dining experience. Complement it with tablecloths, placemats, napkins, and matching napkin rings. 

  • Knives and Utensils - A set of sharp steak knives and a knife block are key for meal prep. Add in a variety of spatulas, tongs, and other utensils like a good grater or grinder for spices.

  • Kitchen Appliances - Modern appliances like a high-quality blender, espresso machine, and air fryer can make your kitchen tasks easier and more enjoyable. A reliable food processor and a coffee maker are essential, while a stand mixer is a nice-to-have. For couples with a sweet tooth, consider adding an ice cream or waffle maker for fun!

  • Sheets and Towels - Soft bath towels and hand towels are a daily need, while a plush bath mat and a beautiful shower curtain will make your bathroom cozy. Sheet sets, a luxurious comforter or duvet, and a set of crisp pillowcases can do wonders for a good night's sleep. Add a few throw blankets to the registry for the nights of snuggling up on the couch.

  • Home Decor - Picture frames, stylish candles and candle holders, wall art, throw pillows, vases, and plants make wonderful wedding gifts that you can use to decorate your new home.

  • Outdoor Items - For couples who enjoy spending time outside, consider adding items like patio furniture and a fire pit to your registry. If you like doing other outdoor activities like camping, add gifts like tents, camping chairs, campfire cooking utensils, and more!

  • Games and Activities - Enjoy playing games? Register for presents like board games, yard games, and sports equipment. 

  • Travel - For travel enthusiasts, a durable carry-on or suitcase makes a great wedding gift for newlyweds. If you’re going on a big trip after the wedding, add a link to a honeymoon fund on your registry so guests can buy excursions, dinners or simply give money towards your honeymoon!

Remember, your wedding registry isn't merely a wish list; it mirrors your lifestyle and the life you aim to build together. Consider both functionality and style while selecting each item, and don’t forget to have fun!

Printable Checklist

Whether you’re registering for gifts online or going into the stores (we recommend going to the store so you can see the items in person!), this wedding gift registry checklist can help you keep track of the items you’ve already added to your list. Happy registering to you and your partner! 

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