Wedding Hairstyles 2018


Wedding Hairstyles 2018

Do you wonder “what’s in” for wedding hairstyles in 2018? Take a step inside bridal style this month as we feature this year’s hottest wedding hair trends and show Moonlight Bridal “Real Brides” who are rocking these looks.

Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair 2018 According to Pinterest’s 2018 Wedding Trends Report, bridal searches for “soft waves with side parts” is up 55 percent. We think real bride Erin embodies this style with gentle waves of hair swept to the side, which shows off the sexy keyhole cutout of her custom Moonlight Bridal gown. A side-sweep is a sophisticated wedding hairstyle for long hair when a bride wants to show off sexy back details of her gown.

Soft waves can be worn in so many ways! Finger waves give a vintage or glamour look. Beach waves are all the rage right now. Perfect for a beach or Bohemian theme. We adore real bride Rebecca’s relaxed wavy locks and how she’s wearing a tiara (also trending right now) as a crown with a long veil (H1283, rustic chic sweetheart Alencon lace A-line wedding gown). Her whole look reminds us of fairytale romance.

Hair accessories? They’re in. Tiaras and headpieces are popular. In Pinterest’s report, searches for “hair combs” increased by 89 percent this year. Brides have plenty of choices when it comes to bridal hair combs: flowers, sparkles, pearls and metal options--silver, gold or rose gold. Real bride Qamar has a partial updo with long relaxed curls, side-swept bangs and looks like a sparkly comb tucked into the side of her hair (H1323, tulle and net sequin net fabric off-the-shoulder ball gown). With her veil tucked into the back of her updo, the side hair comb adds a visible touch of sparkle from certain angles.

When it comes to wedding hairstyles for long hair (and short hair) in 2018, “messy updos” reign supreme. According to Pinterest’s wedding report, searches for this bridal hairstyle are up a whopping 1247 percent! We can see why. This messy look has been inspired by the relaxed bridal styles in recent years--from informal beach to outdoor Bohemian, the bridal look is an earthy and effortless vibe. The messy updo brings a romantic, almost whimsical look, to any style of wedding gown--from casual to couture. Real bride Ashley nails it. She’s wearing a trendy low updo with loose curls, and a few wispy side curls (a few loose flowers tucked into her curls beautifully match her loose floral bouquet).  

Love the loose updo, but have short locks?

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair 2018

Have no fear, bride-to-be! Wedding hairstyles for short hair include the messy updo. As long as you have enough lovely locks to pull back into a low chignon (bun at the nape of the neck), you can get close enough. Look at real bride Sarah (J6507, cap sleeve lace mermaid illusion back wedding dress). We can’t tell how long her hair is exactly, but as long as yours is shoulder-length you can pull it back into a similar loose style: bun, twists or curls. The trick with this wedding hairstyle, even with short hair, is to “loosely” pull the sides back. It’s not tight. Ask your hairstylist for suggestions on achieving this effortless hairstyle.

Super-short hair? Go for a wedding hairstyle with drama. Real bride Ebony must have a flair for the dramatic. Her bold hair choice is breathtaking. With her delicate spaghetti strap and lace Moonlight Bridal gown, Ebony’s natural beauty stands out with a minimalist hairstyle and stunning headpiece that shines with vintage glamour. It looks as though her hair is pulled into flat pin curls against her head. Brides with pixie cuts or partially-shaved styles can pull off this look too. Let a striking headpiece act as your primary accessory as opposed to traditional bridal earrings or a necklace.

Wedding Hairstyle: To Veil or Not to Veil?

Once upon a time, a veil was a standard part of a bride’s attire, at least in the U.S. It’s now a personal choice. In recent years, brides skipped the veil in favor of a less-accessorized wedding hairstyle. If you notice in our gallery of Moonlight Bridal Real Brides, this year more brides are choosing a veil but wearing it lower on the back of their head, usually at the base of the partial or full updo.

Are you a Moonlight Bridal bride? If so, we want to see your bridal style! Please submit a few photos, and the style number of your gown, to us at Moonlight Bridal Real Brides and you may be featured in our gallery.

If you’re a Moonlight Bridal fan, we’d love to hear from you too. Post your comments here or show your wedding hairstyle (for long hair or short hair) and pics on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram!

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