How to Plan the Perfect Spring Time Wedding


Planning the Perfect Spring Time Wedding

Spring. The season where flowers are starting to bloom, the grass is starting to turn vibrant green and cute creatures are coming out of hiding from the winter cold. Spring brings a lot of new life, love, hope and promises. Spring weddings can symbolize all these and more. It’s a start of a new life for you and your significant other.

When you think of spring, you think of flowers, tons of flowers, pastel colors and the light breeze of the morning and warm sun of the afternoon. Incorporating all these ideas to plan your perfect spring wedding can seem overwhelming because there’s just so many good and beautiful ideas. And what about your wedding dress? What does a spring wedding dress look like? Read on for our guide and tips to finding the perfect spring wedding dress.

What to Look for in a Spring Wedding Gown


Even with the Spring weather warming up it can still get chilly at night. If you are a bride who easily gets cold, a wedding dress with sleeves or lace sleeves may be the perfect match for you. The!

Swag Sleeves – Modest yet stylish, these sleeves are romantic as they graze your shoulders. More comfortable than an off the shoulder neckline with cap sleeve. Swag sleeves give you the romantic look for an off the shoulder neckline while allowing for more movement.

-  Short Sleeves – These are as they sound. Short sleeves are just a few inches from your shoulders.

-  Cap Sleeves – Cap sleeves brings a fresh yet sophisticated look. It hangs over the edge of your shoulders and tapers off. Perfect for any brides who don’t want their arms and shoulders completely bare. Style T926 creates a 2 in 1 look with the option to wear the beaded cap sleeve or remove for a strapless look.

-  Illusion sleeves, long or 3/4th, usually has gorgeous lace appliques thoughtfully placed on the sleeves, giving it a sense of flirty-ness and modern. Lace sleeves will capture timelessness and sophistication. Both will make you feel beautiful on your big day!


As the weather is getting warmer, finding a dress with light fabric will keep you calm, cool and beautiful during your wedding day. Think light weight satins, tulle, and organza fabrics. The lighter fabric will keep you cool in the afternoon but you also don’t want to feel cold by the end of the night. Light and airy dresses combined with the light breeze of a spring day makes for an amazing picture.


Since the cool air will make way for the warm sun, but returning after sunset, a tea length to floor length wedding dress is idea for spring weddings. Just because it is spring, doesn’t mean you can’t have a gorgeous long train as part of your dress. The long train will flutter in the spring breeze, making you look like you’re floating down the aisle.


Illusion, bateau and halter necklines are great options for spring weddings. They are fresh, fun and flirty. A square neckline wedding dress with a low back is the perfect combination for a spring ceremony. These different necklines have been very popular among brides who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Open Back

Backless dresses are sexy yet sophisticated and timeless. The warmer weather of spring brings these gorgeous designs to brides’ minds. Balancing between timeless elegance and modern-day sophistication, backless dresses show a bride’s fun and sexy personality.


For moments when the breeze picks up and you want something light but stylish to cover your shoulders, shawls or light jackets are a divine choice. The light jackets can be worn during the ceremony and taken off during the reception or vice versa. Whether you decide to go with a grand lace jacket that extends into a train or an intricately beaded jacket, these are great to have as part of your big day.


With spring comes color. Pastels, pink, blush, lavender and ivory are all wonderful spring colors that would look amazing on wedding dresses. A spaghetti strap latte wedding gown is every bride’s dream who wants to add some spring color to her special day. The blush color blends well with the spring theme of the wedding day.

Bonus Tip

As we all know that spring is the season for spring showers. So if you are planning to have your spring wedding outdoors, look at the weather forecast. There may be some showers on your big day. Whether there will be or not, it is always a good idea to be over-prepared. Have tents and canopies ready to be set up if spring decides to bless you with some showers. Another idea is to have umbrellas for your guests for the unexpected showers.  

We hope these guides and tips ease your mind while finding a dress for your spring wedding. Still have questions? Visit an authorized Moonlight retailer to talk to a knowledgeable associate. Have a forever spring-fling with your new hubby!

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