Guide For Newly Engaged Brides


Congrats on your engagement! This is such an exciting time for you and your partner and now the fun begins! I'm sure you are feeling a lot of emotions including happy, excited, in love, and maybe even a little overwhelmed or nervous. We are here to calm your nerves because feeling a wide range of emotions is normal and we are here to help you conquer your nerves and help you gain control. There's a long road ahead of you and your partner until your actual wedding date and a ton of things to think about. We have some expert tips that will have you and your partner to a great start. 

1. Don't rush into wedding planning, it can wait: When you are first engaged the excitement is almost overwhelming. I mean, you may have been planning your wedding since you were five. However, it's important not to get ahead of yourself! Many newly engaged brides forget to stop and take time with your partner as an engaged couple to enjoy life before the planning madness begins. Relatives, friends, and even strangers will ask you have you picked a date? Where will it be held? How many people are you inviting? The questions will feel like they are endless and you may not have any answers, but don't panic. Take a deep breath and you and your partner should enjoy this special time without being swept up in the moment of having to have all the answers for everyone else. This is a very important step (if not the most important tip we will give) and will help your engagement, wedding planning, and marriage in the future. 

2. Lay off social media (just a little): This one can become tricky because we are not saying to stop posting about you and your significant other. Yes, you want to show everyone how your engagement ring literally matches with everything and want to document which napkins, cake, and food you are tasting however, we do think you should limit your wedding posts to a minimum. This makes your engagement more personal and about the people who matter the most to you and your partner. You will also get the chance to surprise them with all the thoughtful details of your wedding. It will also keep away the unnecessary advice and limits uninvited guests thinking they're invited. 

3. Communication is key: Always! We can't say this enough because communication is always key to any relationship, but especially during this transitional period. If you are not honest and open with each other now then your marriage will be very difficult. You have to be able to tell one another what you like and don't like about everything and anything! Open communication will create a loving and honest relationship/marriage. You want your wedding to be a reflection of both you and your partners tastes and would want you partner to feel included.

4. Seek pre-marital advice: Don't freak out by this step it's not as bad as it sounds! It is not an admittance of defeat or that you are having problems you can actually make this step a very fun part of your engagement. Many couples find pre-marital counseling through their churches or social involvements, however don't worry if you don't have either of these to turn to. You can search on the internet non-denominational engagement encounters! There are also backpacking trips, bed and breakfasts, etc. So much fun to be had! You can see how you and your partner communicate and handle new adventures together which is what marriage is all about. 

5. Continue to date each other: Just because you are now engaged and not just dating shouldn't mean your date night's stop. It's very important to keep the spark alive during this stage in your relationship. Try making it a routine to have at least one date night a week where you don't mention anything wedding related! This can help the both of you take time away from the planning stress and remind you why you want to be married in the first place. 

P.S. Our theme here is BALANCE. Be excited yet don't forget what's important. Planning your wedding, but don't become obsessed. Have fun but discuss serious matters. The wedding is the party before the marriage starts so don't get too stressed out about the little details.

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