The Happiest Hour is Cocktail Hour


Cocktail hour is every guest's favorite part of the wedding! Well at least, one of ours! We always say, cocktail hour is one of the happiest hours because this is the time YOU get to cater to your guests. Some forget about the amount of planning that your cocktail hour will take because they focus on the ceremony and reception. However, cocktail hour consists of many different factors such as drinks, appetizers, and activities. This portion of a wedding is usually used to entertain guests while the Wedding party gets their photos taken or while the ceremony space is flipped into a reception area. So, even though you will likely not be enjoying this time with your guests, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made!

You should start by deciding some of the most general details. For example:

Will you have an open bar or a non-alcoholic cocktail hour? Will there be food or mini appetizers? Will you have activities or maybe live music?

We strongly suggest that you make these decisions after thinking about who you invited to your wedding! Everyone's guest list is different so making sure you think about your guests needs is important. 

If your guest list includes a lot of children, you will want to make sure you cater to them as well with your choices such as: food, beverage and age appropriate activities. Also, remember your guests are most likely working up an appetite during your ceremony, so having appetizers at your cocktail hour is highly recommended!

You can choose to make this portion of your wedding as unique as you'd like! Remember: this event will set the tone for your reception which is why it's so important! Don't be afraid to make it personal.

Choose some of your favorite food and beverages so your guests can learn more about you while they enjoy their refreshments. Another fun way for them to learn more about you, and to make ordering cocktails a little easier, is by offering a "Bride's Favorite" and "Groom's Favorite" drink special. 

Cocktail hour is definitely a great time to incorporate the theme of your wedding! Which can range from Coffee and Donuts for a winter wedding to Tropical Cocktails and fish tacos for beach weddings

Just think: FOOD, FUN and FRIENDS and you cannot go wrong providing a great time during cocktail hour! CHEERS! 

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'The Happiest Hour is Cocktail Hour' Image #2
'The Happiest Hour is Cocktail Hour' Image #2


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