DIY Mason Jar Ideas


Mason Jars are a DIY bride's favorite item and one of ours too!

There are so many ways you can use and incorporate mason jars into your wedding day! We have decided to choose are top 6 favorite ways to use DIY mason jars on your big day.

#1 Centerpieces: Some people think the only way to do centerpieces is for them to be huge and extravagant but we love the idea of having mason jars as centerpieces. Buying different sized mason jars and putting flowers in them make great vases and gives the table a very chic rustic feel. You can even add some pebbles or rocks in the bottom of the jar for an extra touch.

#2 Candle Holders: Mason jars also double as the perfect candle holder for table tops or lining a walk way with subtle lighting. You can simply place the candle at the bottom of the jar or fill the jar with water and use a floating candle. Add twine or lace around the jar for a country wedding theme!

#3 Drinking Glasses: It's always hard to keep track of your glass at a wedding. Using mason jars as glasses helps solve this! You can paint a chalk tag on the jar so everyone can write their name on their glass. The best part is that your guests can take these home!

#4 Dessert Cups : An extra cute way to serve your dessert is in little mason jars! Not only is it appealing to the eye but it makes the dessert look extra yummy and after your guests enjoy a sweet treat they can wash out the jar to take home!

#5 Favors: Popular wedding themes include rustic-chic and country weddings which happen to be some of our favorites to use mason jars at! Favors are a really great way to use mason jars because you can pretty much put anything you want inside of them. You can also paint or decorate them however you choose.

#6 Ceremony Decor: Many people forget about decorating the ceremony space, and mason jars are a great way to add a personal touch. Lining your ceremony aisle with hanging mason jars is absolutely gorgeous. The jars will give your ceremony a more rustic feel and you can always transport them to your reception afterwards, giving them a second purpose.

These are only some of our favorite ways to use mason jars! There are so many more ways to use mason jars on your big day!

P.S. Buying mason jars in bulk can be a great way to save some money! Make sure to shop around for different designs and sizes!

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