How to choose the perfect silhouette for your body shape


Dress shopping tips for your wedding day!

Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting days in preparing for your wedding. However, it can be a little overwhelming when you think about the thousands of dress options that are available. We believe brides should feel comfortable in their skin on their big day which starts with the dress!

As you may know, there are tons of silhouettes to choose from, but what you may not know is how each of them will enhance your figure. That's why we are here to give you a cheat sheet on finding your body type and then choosing the right silhouette to make your features stand out!

Step One - Defining your body type: 

Option 1: Triangle - If you have womanly hips and a slim top this is you. A silhouette that enhances your curves will have you feeling fabulous!

Option 2: Inverted Triangle - You are blessed with a larger bust! it's your choice if you want to cover up or flaunt your assets on your big day.

Option 3: Rectangle - Your body type is proportioned on top and bottom! With this body type you want to choose a shaping silhouette.

Option 4: Hourglass - Get ready to flaunt your favorite assets! An hourglass figure can be accentuated elegantly with a silhouette that will fit you.

Step Two - Matching your Body with a Flattering Silhouette:

The figure flattering dress: Mermaid Wedding Dress

This fitted silhouette will highlight your best-loved assets and enhance your beautiful hour-glass shape! Whether you have curves or a slender figure, you will be able to strut down that aisle with confidence and ease.

-Inverted Triangle Body Type

-Hourglass Body Type 

A bridal favorite: The Ball Gown Wedding Dress

A ball gown silhouette will have you feeling like a true princess. The fitted bodice, flares out to a dramatic, full skirt. This silhouette can be a very figure-flattering choice, because it is forgiving with the full skirt on the lower body. Petite brides and busty brides are often advised to try other silhouettes, because this look shortens a short torso, or the full skirt may make a busty bride look larger overall. However, this is your big day, and if you want to wear a princess ball gown, you go ahead and do that!

-Triangle Body Type

-Hourglass Body Type

A classic favorite of ours: A-line Wedding Dress

The A-line silhouette is the most popular among brides, because of it's flattering allure on any body shape. This design is perfect for our petite bride, making small brides appear taller, while at the same time, narrowing your waist to give you an hourglass figure. The flowing skirt will hide any lower-body concerns.

-Inverted Triangle Body Type

- Rectangle Body Type

Final tips when choosing a silhouette. Make sure to choose what you feel comfortable in! All eyes will be on you at your wedding and the best thing you can wear along with your dress is CONFIDENCE. Go ahead and start searching for your dream dress!

'How to choose the perfect silhouette for your body shape' Image #1
'How to choose the perfect silhouette for your body shape' Image #2
'How to choose the perfect silhouette for your body shape' Image #2


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