How To Track Your Wedding Spending


Congrats beautiful bride-to-be! You're engaged! After days of pure bliss, endless phone calls with family and close friends announcing the exciting news, you lay in bed, pondering...what now? Whether you are the keep calm and carry on bride, or one that hammers out all the details up until moments before you walk down the aisle, we all have to start somewhere when it comes to planning. It is advised that the first thing you should do is set a budget. Tools such as the one provided by The Knot, ease the planning process, creating a stress-free environment for your special occasion. This is especially vital if you do not have a wedding planner, because this is one of their tasks. By doing this, it will allow you to plan your budget, know which vendors you have paid a deposit for, when you have made the payment and the remaining balance due for your vendors. So go on and get to it! Start planning one of the most exciting days of your life!
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