Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas & Colors 2018


Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas & Colors 2018

When you dream of a winter wonderland wedding, what do you see: a stunning snowy landscape, a cozy lodge with winter greenery, or a posh evening of glitter and gold?

If you’re concerned a winter wedding is only synonymous with Christmas decor, think again! “Winter Wonderland Wedding” can be anything you dream up.

Let’s look at trending colors, themes and ideas for a picture-perfect winter wedding that is anything but traditional.

Winter Wedding Colors 2018

According to the Pantone Fashion Color Trends Report Fall/Winter 2018, this season’s bold color palette is about “combining classicism with color expression.” Be adventurous with your color creativity.

Ultra Violet, Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018, is on this list along with Crocus Petal, a softer grayish purple. These two shades of purple could be stunning for a purple ombre look or combined with shades of gray, which is a popular neutral wedding color. Check out Pantone’s Red Pear and Valient Poppy. Either red would be stunning for winter. Consider a red ombre palette, or perhaps a red and purple ombre palette, for a rich and lavish feeling.

A peacock color palette (purple, blue, green) is stunning for a summer evening wedding. However, it’s completely unexpected for winter wedding. This color combo would wow your guests.

If you’re looking for classic winter wedding color schemes, consider using Sargasso Sea which is a deep blue as your primary or accent color. Add in some neutrals; you have a myriad of options: shades of white, gray or brown. If you’re feeling adventurous, use several of these classic 2018 winter colors for a subtle look then throw in a bold accent color for a pop.

Don’t restrict yourself to Pantone’s color trends. If you dream of an all-white wedding but magazines are saying it’s not trendy anymore, who cares? It’s your wedding day and your wedding photos. Choose colors that make you happy.

Winter Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Overall, 2018 wedding style is trending less rustic or Boho and more modern or refined. This elevated style starts with the venue and ends with attire. If you’re looking for winter wonderland wedding ideas a million couples haven’t done already, here are a few jaw-dropping options to consider:

Adventure Awaits

Barns are out. Ballrooms are making a classic comeback and unique venues--from rooftops to mountain tops--are in. Couples are taking literally taking wedding photography to new heights. They’re posing for wedding photos on a ski slope. In an ice cave. Near a glacier. Whether you elope, or treat guests to an extraordinary experience, bring a sense of adventure into your winter wedding.  

An Unexpected Theme  

There’s nothing wrong with a Christmas wedding. Or snowflakes. Either is classic decor for a winter wedding theme. However, your celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to share your unique likes, interests and love story with friends and family. For example, is your love of your fun games best illustrated by a Pac-Man theme? Pac-Man and a winter wedding isn’t an obvious match, but what a unique combination! Don’t be afraid to pull in personalized design elements that your guests will love because “it’s so you.”

Dark & Moody

Last year, rich sensual colors started to emerge from a sea of all-white and pastel weddings. Dark and moody is where it’s at. Gray blues. Blood reds. Deep purples. According to WeddingWire’s 2019 Wedding Trends, not only will this color trend continue but WeddingWire sees purple replacing pink as a couple’s go-to wedding color in 2019. Brides, embrace your bold side and bring deep colors into your wedding--from flowers to your lipstick.

Winter Wedding Dresses

Brides who are wedding dress shopping in winter 2018 are in luck! You have so many dramatic style options to choose from.  

The past few seasons, sleeves have been “in” and today’s bride can choose cap, swag, billowing long sleeves, or spaghetti straps with romantic shoulder bows. Wedding dresses with sleeves were worn in several celebrity nuptials in 2018 including: Princess Eugenie, Meghan Markle, Rose Leslie, Eva Marcille and Kat Von D.

Wedding dress capes will captivate the bride with a flair for drama. Detachable trains are for the bride who wants it all--a royal ceremony look and a second stylish look for the reception--all in one effortless gown.

Interested in a sneak peek at a few of our favorite winter wedding dresses in 2018 (available in bridal shops starting this December)? Visit our last blog post or browse our entire new collection for a dress that suits your season or style at Moonlight Bridal. To see more winter wedding real photos, visit The Knot.

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