Different Veil Types & How to Choose


The wedding dress is the main star of the show on a bride in regards to wedding day attire, but what about the veil?

The veil you choose can completely change the style of your ensemble. If you have a lace dress and choose a birdcage style, it can create even more of a vintage look. If you have a simple dress with a dramatic, cathedral style veil, you are taking the look to anything but simple.

You probably spent a considerable amount of time choosing your dress, so this piece of your ensemble should get proper attention as well.

We will discuss the different veil types and lengths to help you choose one that will be the perfect way to top off your wedding dress.

The Story Behind the Veil

In ancient times, brides were depicted as innocent, and vulnerable. To keep this sense of purity, the veil was worn to hide her from evil spirits.

Wearing one on your wedding day is still a tradition in many cultures. Today’s modern bride selects the perfect veil as a beautiful accessory to complete the bride’s look for the big day. The length, color, design and style of the veil, just like the dress, depends on the bride’s personality and preference.

Wedding Veil Lengths & Types

Cathedral Length Veil

Cathedral length veils range anywhere from 7 ½ feet to 10 feet. Some even go up to 20 feet in length. Talk about a piece of art! All eyes will be on you and your veil as you walk down the aisle. This type brings drama to your look.

The perfect dress for this type would be full length, classic gown. If your dress is beautifully beaded or features a lace train, pick a cathedral length veil that is simple and sheer, as you don’t want the veil to take away from your beautiful dress. On the other hand, if your dress is on the more simple side, you may want to pick a veil with lace at the end to add the drama.

A wedding dress with a dramatic train and beautiful illusion back detail would be perfect for this dramatic length. A cathedral length veil is best worn at indoor locations, such as a church or a grand hall. Avoid picking this veil length if your wedding ceremony is outside where the wind, grass, or sand can be a factor. This one requires constant adjustments to fully showcase its beauty. As for hair, a simple up-do works best to keep the attention on the veil. Make sure the up-do is secure and will be able to hold up the weight of this veil.

Chapel length Veil

Chapel length veils are approximately 7 feet. It is a bit shorter than the Cathedral length veil so it works best with dresses that have a small train attached, or a dress with beautiful beading or lace at the bottom.

The simplicity and elegance of this veil will not distract the eyes from the beauty of an elegantly beaded dress wedding dress . This veil length will add a soft and romantic feel to your dress. Like the Cathedral length veil, the Chapel length veil is great for indoor locations. It also requires less attention since it drapes down but hangs just above the floor. A classic, secured up-do will pair with this veil perfectly.

Fingertip Length Veil

Fingertip length veils are approximately 3 feet. To find the perfect fingertip length veil for you, start by placing your arms at your side. The spot where your fingertips hit is how long the veil should be. It’s one of the most popular lengths because this length is said to be the most flattering for any dress and on any body type.

This length will help elongate your body. The length does not take away from your dress because it is shorter than both the Chapel and Cathedral length veils. A lace mermaid wedding dress with a small train and fingertip length veil combination will grab everyone’s attention. All eyes will be on you, just like it’s supposed to be on your wedding day.

The fingertip length veil can be worn at an indoor or outdoor wedding. You will not have to worry about it getting dirty while being dragged on the floor. Your maid of honor will not have to continuously fix the placement of it either. When it comes to picking a hairstyle for this type, you have options! You can do a fun up-do or a half up/half down hairstyle.

Birdcage Veil

The birdcage veil length is the shortest out of any type. It usually reaches down to your cheeks, the longest would be down to your chin. It is typically made of up simple netting. The netting varies from tightly netted to loosely netted. Pick the one that best complements your dress and your personality.

The birdcage veil paired with a simple beaded clip would give you the ultimate vintage look. This accessory would be the perfect balance for a vintage inspired layered lace bridal gown . It may be a simple piece but it will make a great statement.

The birdcage veil is the least worn of them all. So if you want to stand out and go for the classic vintage inspired wedding, this style is perfect for you. Another great thing about this veil is that it is hassle free! Your MOH does not have to pay close attention to make sure it’s spread perfectly on the floor, or not caught on part of your dress like other veil types. This one is great for someone who is rocking the chic, pixie haircut. A simple up-do will also go well with this style.

Veil Color Options

Length is not the only consideration when picking out a veil. Color plays an important part also. The color should complement the dress, not take away or outshine the dress. The most popular colors for veils are blush pink, ivory, white, gold and white. Most brides will pick a color that matches with their dress.

Take a look and try out different veil options with your dress to make sure you pick the veil that completes your wedding day look best!

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