Real Brides: Brooke

Brooke and Chris met in college at the University of Arkansas when they were 18 and 20. They both grew up in McKinney but had never met; Chris went to McKinney Boyd and Brooke went to McKinney High. When Brooke got to college, it seemed like every time she told someone she was from McKinney, they'd ask if she knew Chris Perry. So when she met him one night in February 2013, she wanted to learn more about this infamous character. They hit it off and after a couple months of on-and-off texting and a few date parties, Chris finally asked Brooke out on their first date. When she told him she was headed home that weekend, he drove four and a half hours to take her to the movies. They've been calling the hogs together ever since. I found this dress on Pinterest when I first got engaged and fell in love with it. It is the first one I pinned! There was no other dress for me. I knew it was the one. I reached out to your team and found the only bridal boutique in DFW that carried your brand, The Blushing Bride Frisco, but unfortunately, they didn’t carry this style. They agreed to ship it in for me to try on. It was the second dress I put on at my appointment and I just knew it was perfect for me. The boutique decided to start carrying the sample permanently and they now call it “the Brooke dress”. The details are so beautiful and it’s even more spectacular in person than it is in photos. Photos by Ginger Snap Studios

Dress: H1394

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