Real Brides: Megan

Alex and I met in college, we both attended Kansas State University. We lived in the same dorm freshman year and always noticed one another working out at the Rec center. My junior year, when I was president of my sorority, Alex was the president of a fraternity and commanding officer in the ROTC program and he came to give announcements to our girls at our chapter dinner and brought “the president” flowers. He told me that night that it wouldn’t be the last time he bought me flowers, and he wasn’t lying! After playing hard to get for months, I eventually gave in and the rest is history! He is now in the US Army and just got home from deployment for a year. He sent me flowers every month he was away, he kept his promise! I’m one lucky girl. I went dress shopping with my Mom and sister at Dress Gallery! During the consult with the stylist I described my dream dress; an ivory A-line shape gown with simple straps and lace. My dress was the FIRST dress she brought me to try on that day. The moment I put it on I was in love! My exact words were “You started too strong because this is exactly what I want!” And walking out of the fitting room my Mom and sister’s faces agreed. We all decided I had to try on more just to be sure and sure enough- nothing else beat it. I put it on again in the end to try it one more time and with tears in my eyes I said “this is it! I’m done!” I could wear it every day. I’m obsessed. Photographer Credits: Glynne Ashley Photography