Real Brides: Rachel

My husband used to play football with two guys that my older brother went to school with. The two mutual friends told my now husband about me and we then connected through Instagram. I was currently in school out of state, but told him I would love to see him next time I was in town. When I came home for Thanksgiving, we went on a first date and we have been growing together ever since. Growing up I always had envisioned a picture of my dream dress and it never once changed. I wanted a very poofy ball gown dress, crisp white, with a very tight corset waistline that went straight out into the big skirt. I also wanted a it to have a beautiful sweetheart/strapless neckline. When I began looking for dresses I looked at so many and no dress looked like the one I dreamed of...I then went to Suzanne's Bridal and they had me try on a simple dress that was not what I was looking for, but told me I could customize it exactly how I wanted. The owner Suzanne drew a sketch of of my vision, sent it to Moonlight Bridal and Moonlight Bridal then made it come to life. It was a very scary experience because I ordered a dress that took 6 months to create and I had never once tried it on. Once it was done, I put it on and immediately loved it. At this point we were 1.5 months away from wedding day so thank goodness I loved it! It was perfect. Photo Credits: Jenn Wagner Photo