Real Brides: Julie

Kacey and I first met three years ago when we ended up playing on the same slo-pitch team. We were instantly drawn to each other, but not in a romantic way at first. We had more in common than two peas in a pod as if we had been best friends our entire lives. One afternoon while talking on the phone, we openly admitted the feelings that we had and couldn't deny them any longer. From that point on we were completely inseparable. Kacey and I make the perfect teammates on and off the field, and I feel extremely lucky that I married my best friend. After trying on over 30 different dresses, none of them really stuck with me even though two literally got stuck on me. I never had a vision for the dress that I wanted, and kindly asked Sharon at Once Upon A Time Weddings to bring me dresses that would suit my body type and didn't show too much cleavage. When she finally brought the dress I ended up purchasing, I put it on and instantly felt beautiful, comfortable, and truly myself. I looked right into the mirror and said "Yep! This is the one. I'm gettin' it!" Photo: Jorge Polio Photography