Real Brides: Hannah

Jesse and I became best friends in one of our college classes, and hung out all the time. Our friends always joked with us that everyone but us knew we would end up together! Jesse has always been someone who brought so much comfort to me, and he has always encouraged me to be nothing other than myself. He has always made me feel so at home and so uplifted! After a year and a half of friendship, we finally started dating! People were excited but not surprised by any means. This last February, Jesse had my best friends take me out to coffee next to a beautiful park in Indiana. Little did I know, he was waiting for me in that park, which had just been covered with a fresh blanket of snow. After coffee my friends suggested taking pictures in the park because of how beautiful it was that day (they were in on the proposal). I heard music playing, and when I looked up, Jesse was in a gazebo holding out his hand to dance with me. He told me all of the things he loved about me and that he wanted to love me for the rest of our lives. He then knelt down and asked me to marry him, and we have been on cloud nine ever since! Our wedding was on October 13th of this year, and it went flawlessly! We enjoyed every second of the day and getting to see all of our loved ones in one place! Most importantly, I get to spend forever with my best friend! I cannot say how many dresses I tried on before finding the perfect one! Going in, I thought I wanted an A-line cut, but the ladies assisting me encouraged me to try on a form-fitting dress, and I’m so glad they did! When I first tried on this dress, I knew it was the one! I was so excited to see that the designer had incorporated both a halter top and an open back. I didn’t know that was even possible! I knew this was my dress, because it was so comfortable, light, and extremely elegant, which is exactly what I was hoping for. It definitely exceeded my expectations and made me feel so confident on my wedding day! Photo: Lauren Neal Photography

Dress: T822