Real Brides: Holly

I met my Husband 9 years ago. We were in a band together in High School. He was the drummer and I was the singer. We were a band for a few years and then we starting dating our freshman year of college. He was specifically told by our other band mates to not try and date me because you can’t date band members in case it breaks up the band! But lucky for me he didn’t listen to them! And we have been together ever since! He’s my best friend and I feel so lucky to have him! As far as my dress goes, I had always known that I wanted more of a full ball gown type of dress. I basically always wanted to feel and look like Cinderella on my wedding day! The day I went wedding dress shopping, I tried on so many beautiful dresses but all of them just never felt like “the one” because they were all missing something. When I tried on my dress at Casa Bianca Bridal I knew it was “the one” because it had it all!! It was the big full beautiful ball gown that I wanted, it had beautiful sparkle to it with its’s stunning beading. I felt like it fit my body in just the right way. And, knowing that I was having a fall wedding, it looked like a dress designed perfectly for fall with the flower and leaf beaded designs. As soon as I put it on, I just knew it was my dress. And my girls that came with me knew it was too! It was my dream dress and I never wanted to take it off! I looked and felt how I always dreamed I would on my wedding day. Photo: Adam Beach Photography

Dress: H1322