Real Brides: Andrea

Darren and I met in 10th grade in high school. I actually made him a sandwich and he threw it out because I didn’t put mayo on it. We continued to be friendly through high school. I finally got his number senior year, but nothing really came from it. We reconnected while we were in college and he started to take me on jeep rides in his wrangler. Then we spent the summer of 2016 basically always with each other going to the movies, going on adventures like paddle boarding for the first time, going to eat, and more jeep rides. He actually told me he didn’t want a girlfriend, so basically friend zoned me but we still managed to become the best of friends. Then towards the end of summer he came over to have dinner with my family and afterwards when he was leaving he quickly kissed me and ran off in his jeep and I was so flabbergasted on what just happened I realized I had a text from him that said “okay we can date”. And that was the start of forever! I knew my dress was the one the moment that the lady at the dress store turned the lights down and my gown just came alive and sparkled from the beautiful detail work done on the dress was something I’ve never seen before. I started to cry and knew that that the dress was THE dress! Photo: Autumn Booth Photography