Real Brides: Lisa

My husband and I met 3 years ago at my cousin’s wedding where he was the best man and I was a bridesmaid. A little cliché I know. We talked on and off, my cousin knew we were talking and kept encouraging us and even teased us a bit. But on the day of my cousin’s wedding is when things stared to “officially” kick off between us. When we were leaving, he ended up getting into my car before I left. It was a surprise, but we ended spending the rest of the night together and have been insepearble since! I knew that my dress was the one because out of all the dresses I had tried on and all the ones on the rack, I couldn’t take my eyes off this special one. It was the final dress I had tried on and as soon as I saw how the long train flowed out, I was in love. My family’s reaction was the same as mine! Photographer Credits: Photography by McDonough