Real Brides: Alex

Nick and I met by swiping on Bumble but instantly connected over our love of football and shared competitive nature. I knew my gown was “the one” as soon as I put it on! I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for but with the help of Sheri at Casa Bianca Bridal in Littleton, Colorado I was able to narrow down the search and find the perfect gown. My grandmother was unable to travel to attend my wedding in North Georgia and I wanted to have a piece of her with me on my wedding day. I was able to incorporate the pearl crown headpiece she wore for her wedding in 1960. I knew the gown would work perfectly with the headpiece. It also complimented my Heirloom Bouquet, a bouquet made with pieces from wedding gowns and jewelry of the women in my family. My gown could not have suited me better! It’s one of my most favorite things from the entire day Photo Credit: Hilary Leah Photography

Dress: J6435