Real Brides: Katey

My husband Chris and I grew up in the same little town of Breaux Bridge, Louisiana where we attended the same primary school up until we graduated high school... but didn’t stop there, we both graduated from the same University! We started dating at the age of 16! Young love is tough but if when you know, you know, it’s proving to everyone else that age is just a number! Chris and I got engaged on December 29, 2017 and were married on December 29, 2018! Exactly a year later! Now my dress is an even better love story! After trying on similar styled dresses and coming to the conclusion that, this was my style, I was browsing the internet, and found THE dress. I saw this dress H1299 & instantly fell in love. Next step, finding it! This was the task of all I thought! I called EVERY bridal boutique in Louisiana and not one store had it in stock! When we arrived at Bridal Boutique in Baton Rouge, I tried on one of the Moonlight dresses for size and was the dress!!!! I had found my dress!! Once the dress came in, my amazing seamstress did some alterations. We actually took the lace off of the hands and added it to the chest! I am over the moon excited that I will have this dress be passed down to my daughter one day! Photographer: Ariel Calais Photography