Real Brides: Laura

From the photographer, Karri North. “A breezy wedding day beginning at Toronto’s shoreline. Sugar Beach and Sherbourne Commons, both shining examples of our city’s harbourfront restoration efforts, make for an easy lakeside stroll and some casual photo opportunities—particularly when everyone’s all dressed up in their finest. These two fetching individuals fold together so naturally, there was little need for a lengthly bride & groom shoot–just a couple of snaps against the sunshine and then everybody off to the parade! The Fieldhouse has fast become one of my favourite city venues with it’s glowing white interiors and west-facing windows. There is an easy lightheartedness to this wedding day–with it’s white lace and sage, it’s field flowers looking like they were just picked in those brilliant bunches, blue suits and best friends… and tall cans of beer! Stacks and semi-circles of buttercream cupcakes. Chinese lanterns and chandeliers. A little romance. A little wild & crazy. A whole lotta love. Happy trails Laura & Joe!” As seen on: Photographer: Moonlight Style: H1249