Real Brides: Nicole

Joe jumped in the cab after her as she left the bar and said: “Where are we going?” Nicole quickly shot back “I’m going home, but I don’t know about you.” After years of admiring Nicole from afar at Michigan State and months of pursuing her in Chicago, Joe was determined. “Come on, let’s go get something to eat. Everybody’s gotta eat” “No, I’m leaving for the airport in just a few hours and need to get some sleep” “Perfect, just a quick bite then” Nicole laughed “I don’t know what to tell you, but this isn’t happening tonight” Joe paused “Ok, I’ll get out, but first I need your number because I can’t keep chasing you around Chicago” As Nicole drove away she heard Joe’s friends ask - “What happened?” “I GOT HER NUMBER,’ he yelled triumphantly. His friends, the bouncers and even the line going down the street joined in his cheer. That was only the beginning. Over the last six years, Nicole & Joe’s love has grown. I live in Chicago but was visiting my mom in Denver for the holidays. She was insistent we go to this boutique in Littleton (Casa Bianca Bridal) but to be honest I was confident I’d already found my dress in Chicago. Nonetheless, we went. Finally the owner of this boutique, such a gem, said I have one final dress I want you to try on. Mind you I’d been trying on opposite of lace dresses this entire time…. She brought out my Moonlight dress, I slipped it on and it was all over. I cried, and felt more sexy + chic than I’d felt in any of the other dresses combined. It was just the right about of everything I wanted and everything I never knew I needed! Photo: Molly McPhoto

Dress: H1354