Real Brides: Abby

We met five years ago online! We used Coffee Meets Bagel and I think each of us had only been on two or three dates online before, so in that way we kind of lucked out. But yeah, pretty much your standard millennial “boy meets girl” fairy tale right there. I knew the dress was the one as soon as I put it on. I had tried on 20 dresses at that point and every one felt off except for this one. I loved how classic and romantic it looked, yet was so comfortable and didn’t feel over the top. I couldn’t believe I could have a dress like that and feel like I could spend all day and all night in it. My mom, sister, grandmother, and best friend were also all there and it was the only dress that they all went “Awwww” to in unison. It had all of the pieces that I wanted in a dress that I was never sure I would find. Photo: Amanda Wose Photography