Real Brides: Jacqueline

It was an honor to beautifully glide through the best day of my life in a Moonlight gown. I knew it was the one the moment I saw my silhouette in the mirror; the intricate lace that perfectly delicately hugged my body and went so perfectly with the historical Spanish Leo Carillo Ranch that we got married at. I tried on other dresses but couldn’t help but envision myself walking down the aisle in this gown. My husband and I met in 2010 amongst a gathering of mutual friends. We happened to be sitting next to each other and struck up a conversation. We continued our conversation on a moonlit walk in the fine mist of rain. (So it’s apropos that 8 1/2 years later that the element of “moonlight” was somehow incorporated into the beauty of our big day.) From that night, our relationship blossomed into our own fairytale love story...I would travel down the coast from Santa Barbara to visit my love in Long Beach and he, in turn, would travel up the coast to see me. We would write old fashion love letters and arrange for phone dates to catch up. After 2 years of distance, we decided to create a nest together in Long Beach and we have been inseparable ever since. He proposed to me at the top of the historic courthouse clock tower in the center of Santa Barbara where we had shared our first kiss. The magic of that day along with our wedding day, lingers in our daily life. I truly find myself smiling at this very moment just thinking and basking in how lucky I truly am. I feel as though this very dress was fatefully made for me. Nothing will compare to the moment when my husband and I held each other close, the sun slowly set and the sweet serenade of an acoustic guitarist played our first dance (Ed Sheeran’s Perfect) and the moment he sang, “darling you look perfect tonight..” my husband whispered, “you absolutely do.” This is true testament to how beautiful Moonlight dresses truly are! Infinite thanks for helping me feel like the most lovely version of myself! Photographer: Adrian Van de Water

Dress: H1341