Real Brides: Jayden

I met my sweet husband, Damian, in middle school homeroom, but we didn’t actually connect until our senior year of high school! We spent 4 years of dating long distance and traveling back and forth from Richmond, Virginia, where he went to college, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania where we both grew up and I lived. I had been dress shopping all day with my mom and sister when we were about to give up and Blush Bridal popped into my mind. I walked in and was greeted by a sweet girl, Danielle, that I went to high school with (small town stuff I guess!) my gown was the third dress I tried on at Blush and maybe like my 20th of that day and when I tried it on I looked wide eyed at my mom (trying not to burst into tears) and said “I really like this one!” My biggest fear was not finding something I absolutely loved and since I was dress shopping in January and my wedding was at the beginning of July I didn’t have much time to waste and Blush was literally the last store in my town to find a dress! Later I went onto my Pinterest wedding board to find that I pinned just about the exact same dress - so I was so happy that I literally found my Pinterest Dream Dress! I could not have been happier! Photographer: April Elizabeth Photography

Dress: T806