Real Brides: Erin

Heartfelt story from the bride about: meeting her husband, how she found her dress, and her two weddings.. I met my husband, Mike, on I had been on so many online dates I was honestly over it. I actually didn't even want to go out on the date I had scheduled with him just because I was sick of bad dates, but my best friend convinced me just to go. After our first date, I told my sister he was cool, but just as friends. After date 2, I started to think I might actually like him and it just kept getting better from there. We got engaged after a year and a half of dating in March of 2016. At the time, my future mother-in-law had recently been diagnosed with lymphoma and so we had to visit her in the hospital to show her the ring. We quickly set a date for 6/16/17 and were excited to get to planning. That July in 2016 I went dress shopping with my mom, 3 sisters and MOH (cousin). My mother-in-law wasn't feeling well and couldn't join us. That first time shopping I found this Moonlight gown and right away said yes to the dress. I loved the beading, the flair of the bottom and best of all the versatile straps that were removable. I wanted to have a keyhole back for the ceremony and knew we could make that possible with how this dress could be customized. We got to work creating the 2 different looks with the straps. I got a call in November that my dress was in. It was so exciting! My mom and I went to pick it up only to find out that the store had ordered the wrong dress. It would have to be ordered all over and wouldn't be in until February. Of course this was stressful! By December, my mother-in-law's condition worsened. We knew she wasn't going to make it until our June wedding. My husband and I made a split decision to get married in the hospital. Thankfully I had a simple white lace dress I had randomly bought for my shower or rehearsal that I could wear. His uncle is a priest and with all hands on deck at the courthouse, we got every lined up in one day to get married. The first picture I attached is a picture of our marriage in the hospital. We were married at Ocean County Medical Center on December 6, 2016. My mother-in-law passed away at peace later that day. She never did get to see my actual wedding dress. Seeing her son get married was the last thing she had been fighting for. We had already planned so much for our June wedding and we knew she'd want us to go through with the big party we dreamed of. And getting all dolled up in that perfect white dress is every girl's dream! My dress came in February and it was just perfect. The dress helped renew my excitement for the big day. On June 16, 2017, Mike and I renewed our vows and had our big party with all of our family and friends there to celebrate. I wouldn't change anything about our wedding. I am so happy that I was able to give someone the only wish they wanted. Our party last June was absolutely beautiful and perfect. The compliments on my dress were endless. This Saturday we will celebrate one year since our "party day". Photography: Jenelle Kappe Photography