Real Brides: Rachel

How she met her husband: My friends had convinced me to go see live music at a bar one night, even though I was apprehensive to go out. At this stage of my life, I was over the bar scene, but this night was different. God had other plans. I was soon dancing by myself like a “funky chicken” as Josh calls it—(playing air drums and guitar all at once). I suddenly saw this guy from across the bar point at me. He later came up to me and said, "You're a kindred spirit. I like your dance moves." I looked at him and thought “Hmm... He’s a little weird.” We never exchanged names, numbers or even further conversation. I just simply smiled and walked back towards my group of friends. I never saw him until 3 months later at another live music event. I was talking with his friends and then he showed up with a black backpack on with a Toad from Mario Kart keychain hanging on the side. He had finished a night of work running sound at the concert next door. We talked for hours about music and yoga and contemplated how we "knew" each other or had seen each other before. Finally it hit us that we had seen each other that night when I was dancing like a “funky chicken” at the bar. We decided we would play music together one night and I never forgot the excitement we shared. It never left me and still remains. We became best friends and have been ever since. Through all that life has brought us, God has strengthened us to BE His children and share His light together, as ONE. I am forever grateful for that and for my guardian, shepherd, protector and best friend, Joshua. A gift from God He is and forever in my heart he will always be :) How she knew her dress was "the one": It was the first dress I had tried on. I looked in the mirror and tears welled up in my eyes. I could see my fiance's face and I could feel his smile. It was perfect. I knew it would be the dress I would wear while I gave my vows to my beloved husband. Photography:

Dress: T726