Real Brides: Barbara

How she met her husband: The story when I met my husband begins in 2011, we met each other in high school when we were 15 years old. He was (and still is) my first love and my one n' only boyfriend as I was for him. In 2016 he started working at a company in the USA, while I stayed in Brazil. That time was very difficult for us, 'cause we've never been so far from each other. So I decided to go to USA, to meet him again and it was there, in Austin - Texas, that he proposed to me. How she knew her gown was "the one": I started to look for the perfect dress and I chose a store near my new house in Austin (it's called Blush Bridal Lounge). I was totally alone, with no family to help me, but my friend Bernardo went there with me and helped me a lot. He's a great friend! I chose 3 wedding dresses and I already had something in my mind, but the first one I tried, I was like: "OH... MY... GOD!", like Janice from "Friends" hahaha, it was love at first sight. At that moment I knew that this was my dress! My one and only and lovely MoonlightBridal dress ❤ Photography: Rafael Salgado (@raf_salgado)

Dress: J6503