Real Brides: Ashley

How she met her husband: My husband, Michael, and I met at UCLA while pledging for fraternities; however, it wasn’t until months later that we started dating. To be perfectly honest, we started to really notice each other after I won a booty-shaking contest and he shaved his head (I really like that bad boy look!). Haha! 9 years and two dogs later, he proposed to me on a hill of poppies. How she knew her dress was "the one": I knew that this dress was mine the moment I put it on! I had already visited 5 stores and tried on about 35-40 different dresses before finding it at Lili Bridals. This wasn’t just the dress of my dreams, but also the perfect embodiment of me as a woman— simple at first glance, yet full of surprises. In the almost 10 years that we’ve been together, I had never seen Michael cry until during our first look. He didn’t just see a beautiful dress; he saw the woman he was about to marry. Photography: