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Photography: @laemovement So back story about my husband and me. We had spent 2 years working out at the same place and we didn't speak to each other. He was the mysterious gym guy to my girlfriends and me. I was the mystery gym girl to him and his friends. I knew he was someone that would be important in my life, just wasn't sure how! One day I built the courage to approach him and say hello at the gym, 2 years later!! We spoke and we hit it off instantly. I spoke to him a week before he was about to move to a different city miles and miles away. It amazes us both how our timing was so perfect and everything has been perfect ever since ! My wedding dress has a similar story ! I walked into Mon Amie Bridal for my bridal appointment. And I began to browse the dresses. I gravitated to the my gown . It was the first dress I grabbed, it was perfect the color, the sparkle, the delicate lace all brilliant. I asked my stylist if she could grab it as others were looking at it , I knew it was going to be my dress. I tried it on and I felt like Cinderella and oh so magical. It was the first dress I tried on and I knew it was the one. The designer was there and I asked her for one tweak to make it more me! She said absolutely!! The day of our wedding my husband told me he was so happy I chose that dress I looked magnificent! I couldn't agree more my dress truly made me feel like the most beautiful bride ever!! Thank you guys !!

Dress: H1323

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