Real Brides: Amanda

As seen on Green Wedding Shoes: HOLY SMOKES — quite literally! Today we’ve got one spectacular, modern, edgy, artistic, and all-around cool wedding for you, planned + designed perfectly by the bride’s best friend, Love by Lynzie Events + Design. Amanda + James based their day around the idea of a cool cocktail party with classical foundations, and creatively inserted artistic and urban touches: leather jackets, broad brush strokes, geometric details in black, white, teal, mustard, and gold! Their planner tells us After dating for ten years, must of which was long distance, I was thrilled to see them get married! As a ceremonious end to the long distance relationship (she moved to Canada from Philly), James smashed a cell phone with a hammer during Amanda’s speech. Gallons + buckets of happy tears were shed. The bride shares The dress was one of the first purchases and really set the tone for everything else that followed, including the bridesmaid dresses, leather jackets and smoke bombs. We wanted to have a cool wedding that was intimate, warm and inviting for our guests, followed by everyone shaking their tail feathers on the dance floor (we had two live bands). The color scheme evolved organically and we wanted the decor to be aesthetically pleasing without being too floral or bubblegum bridal. Though the weather of Ontario, Canada may not have been on their side, the gray moodiness ended up complementing the overall design so well! Let’s take a look at the day, captured by Jennifer See Studios!